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    By bent toudahl||

    I have spent several holidays in ahtopol, and I am realy so happy about it that I do come again. I was there this summer with my children and grandchildren. Ahtopol has everything including friendly locals. regards

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    By kalina||

    I just came back from Ahtopol and actually this was my first time there. To say in short: I just fell in love with "the town of love".
    I hope to go there very soon!

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    By Anny||

    I have been going to Ahtopol since I was a child and I love the area and the town.
    I hope one day soon to be able to go back and maybe live there.

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    By Maurice Douglas||

    I have visited Ahtopol many times over the years for family holodays and finf this area of Bulgaria to be most welcoming and friendly. The local people are truly genuine warm and helpful. This area is very beautiful and unspoilt with a depth of history that would occupy the most inquisitive mind. I have many wonderful memories of holidays with my children in this area and now my children are no longer children and have left to start there own familys, i have the desire to return Ahtopol. However, this time i would like to move to this area permanently (leave England). I would like to buy a small house or apartment in this area, it would have to be small 2 bedroom perhaps a rural house in ned of some improvement, but not to far from the coast or an old house in Ahtopol.

    Maurice Douglas

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