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Sunny day

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in Bulgarian: Слънчев ден, also known as: Slanchev den Get directions

Slanchev Den (Sunny Day) Resort is a Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea coast, 10 km north of Varna and in the immediate vicinity of Bulgaria’s oldest resort, the vacation complex “Saints Constantine and Elena.” The Sunny Day Resort is 16 km from the Varna International Airport.

A former governmental residence, the resort is located in a small and quiet bay and is merging with the St St Constantine and Elena resort. The small bay and the forests right behind the beach make the resort extremely beautiful. The beach is 1 km long and from 20 to 80 m wide. It is a part of a national park and has two mineral water springs.

The climate in the region that includes Slanchev Den is very favourable for seaside vacations, with an average July air temperature that is between 23 and 28 degrees centigrade and water temperatures between 24 and 25 degrees centigrade.

The complex has four modern hotels with a combined capacity of 1,300 beds , all of which are on the very seashore, offering excellent conditions for guests. Hotels offer all-inclusive packages.

The resort boasts a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities – swimming pools, tennis courts, table tennis, snorkelling and sea scuba diving, and so forth.

Slanchev Den has two spa centre offering a wide range of procedures. The resort offers a wide range of health care programs • thermotherapy • electrotherapy • kinesthetic therapy • many different kinds of baths, etc. The healing powers of these mineral water springs have been recognized since the year 1909 when the first and only sanitarium for children with tuberculosis was built in the region.

Excellent conditions for sport have been developed as well. Besides the equipment for various water sports (scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing, etc), there are also tennis courts and gyms.

The Sunny Day yacht dock to the north of the complex can accommodate 17 yachts. The resort is also a popular destination for business meetings, since its hotels are equipped with all the necessary facilities and equipment.

The close proximity to Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria, is one of the resort’s biggest advantages.




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    Here's what you're gonna get in Sunny Day: a quiet, clean, tidy, safe, calm, convenient place, perfect for families with small children and older folk. It's a closed-in resort at the northern end of St. Konstantine which is bigger, dirtier, noisier and more crowded. Once you're passed the gates of Sunny Day you feel like you're in a different world/country. The resort has only 4 hotels spread along 1 km of beach. It caters mostly to German and Russian tourists which is no excuse for the front desk staff's very limited knowledge of English. There's no entertainment or other activities at night in the resort which is what makes it such a great place for those looking for quiet and relaxation. You can do some water sports in the resort and they also have tennis courts. There are 3-4 different pools which looked ok but we didn't use them much. The beach is quite nice, clean, long, wide, with fine sand and not crowded at all. The entry into the sea is very gradual, perfect for children. All in all, a nice little place perfect for children and people looking for rest and relaxation and not much else.

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