Personal information of visitors will be treated with extreme carefulness and they will be secured. In all cases will restrain the requirements that apply for the Bulgarian Law Protection of Personal information. Below we will explain which information we collect, for which reason, how we get that information, your rights and how you can use your rights.

Description of concepts

In this regulation we understand by:

- Liable: Direct Travel Ltd. (""), located in st.Svetoslav Obretenov 18A, 9022, Varna, Bulgaria.

- Personal information: All information that is traced from an individual person.

- Processing personal information: Every act or completeness of acts related to personal information from the collection till the removal of this information.

- Visitor: Visitors of our website, that's not necessarily have to make a hotel reservation.

Data collection

- Active exposed information: When you reserve an exclusive offer of a hotel on, you send out your (personal) information (like: name, first names, initials, phone, address, postal code, place of living) to through a secured connection, with result that others cannot see your personal information.

- Passive exposed information: While surfing the internet you will enable, perhaps without your awareness, us (but perhaps others) capable of collecting information about you. Examples are the "IP-address" of the computer you use to surf the internet, operating system, the internet browser you use an internet pages you visit. With this information can improve the quality and access to these internet pages. With this information we can see which pages are visited a lot and which not. So far as we use this information, it will always be anonymous and totalized.

- Cookies: also uses another method (so called "cookies") that are used a lot to improve the operation of internet pages and to better adjust to the preferences of the users. Cookies are little text files that are automatically placed, by the visited webpage, on the computer of a visitor. In this cookies the preferences of a visitor can be saved so by a next visit the webpage can automatically adjust to the preferences. Also (temporary) cookies will be used to improve the operation of a website.

The aim and purpose of data processing

The by you displayed information will be used for the correct and complete process of the reservation and they will be sent to the by you reserved hotel through a secured connection. In case if you also have filled in your e-mail address, will send you, by e-mail, a confirmation of the reservation.

The data will be used to:

- To process your reservation in a correct way and to send you the confirmation of the reservation.

- To send the requested hotel newsletters.

- To meet the law- and regulations.

Storage of personal information

Your personal information, which you provide while making a reservation will be stored by for, at the latest, two years after your application. When you sign out on for receiving the free hotel newsletter, your personal information will be deleted from our database before, at latest, one month. Except when we have to save this information for a longer period because of a requirement law. The procedure for signing out is described on the websites and in each hotel newsletter that has been sent.

Providing personal information will not provide your personal information to any other party, except for the treatment of reservations or if the law- and regulations oblige us to do so. The personal information will be exclusively used for the written purposes in this statement. The hotel that is chosen by you has its own requirements concerning the Law Protection Personal information. For the treatment of your personal information by those hotels we refer to the appropriate privacy statement of the concerning hotel.

The right of inspection en correction

You will always have the right to inspect the information has about you. You have the right to let us improve or delete inaccurate information. You can request this information, only in a written way, by sending a letter to: Direct Travel Ltd., st.Svetoslav Obretenov 18A, 9022, Varna, Bulgaria. Mention, in the letter, your complete address (also if possible an email address) and your request for inspection. Now you will receive, as soon as possible, an overview with your personal information.


The workers of, itself and they that in order of have access to personal information, are obliged to secrecy of the personal information about what they know, except if they are obliged to make an announcement of the law- of regulations.


To prevent that unauthorized will inspect your personal information, has different security capabilities, including active measures against unauthorized access, unauthorized usage, unauthorized changes, illegal and unintentional destruction and unintentional loss.

Start and changes of regulation

This privacy statement is valid since 2011 and can only be changed by If the privacy statement will be changed, we will inform you on our websites.

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