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in Bulgarian: Елени, also known as: Get directions

Elenite (The Stags) is a vacation complex and is the starting point of the south Bulgarian Black Sea coast, situated on the sea shore, on the southern slope of the easternmost Balkan Mountain.

The resort is located in a beautiful bay in close proximity to Cape Emine, 4.5 kilometres from Sveti Vlas and 8.5 kilometres from Sunny Beach. The international airport of Burgas is only 48 km away from Elenite.

The whole resort is luxurious; its construction started in 1985 and it was designed as a park of 4 hotels and family houses.

The complex is designed so that its exposition is entirely southern. It consists of villas and hotels situated among the fresh greenery of the Balkan mountain and it offers its guests peace and luxury, combined with beautiful nature and fresh air.

The resort offers a variety of outdoor sports – surfing, yachting, canoeing, beach volleyball, water polo, extreme sports, bungee jumping, horse riding, archery, table tennis, etc.

Traditionally, Spa Centers are developed and provide massage, Jacuzzi, etc.

The accommodation, offered in the Elenite resort includes various options, as well as the All Inclusive option. The complex has several restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Animators take care of the well being of your children by a variety of events and shows. The complex offers medical attention, kindergarten, exchange bureaus and an internet club.




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  • D
    By dave||

    hi everybody..look that was my second year at elenite (royal bay)and granted there was a few changes...food not so good as last year (but i never starved eh) if u know what i mean>>>>your always gonna get complaint (you cant please everybody)....ive worked with the public all mey life..........but anyways look i though the resort done me and me family proud once again and if i have my way ill be back again next year for sure ...and to all the wingers id say for goodness sake lets be lucky you never had two weeks in the middle east ........ha ha >>>>think positive ppl

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  • S
    By Steve||

    I have purchased an apartment from fort Nox in Elinite, On the Priviledge fort nox site, All I can say is Get your backsides to Elinite this place is great, The staff are first class, and i cannot wait to get back

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  • A
    By Adam Leslie||

    I went to bulgaria in the summer of 2004, it was the worst holiday i had ever been on. The food was terrible, it was always cold and undercooked. The room which was meant to be a twin room (two rooms joined together) turned out to be one room joined to another with another family in it, but i must admit the views were excellent. The activities were terrible. I tried the rifle shooting, i left though after finding out we were taking shots at, not targets, but, tin cans! Sunny beach however was good but it was miles away, the bus which could hold about 50 people had about 200 people on it. The beach was very close by which was good and sea was very clean. It was very cheap but if I was to go again I definitely wouldn't stay in Elenite but go to Sunny Beach were there was alot more to do and alot of restaurants to choose from including McDonalds!

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  • G
    By Greg||

    The best place on the Bulgarian coast. Vacationing with family for two consecutive years. Stayed in the villas. Beach is also very good, gently sloping entrance to the sea clean sand. Aqua-park so-so but it is quite suitable for children. Lots of good restaurants. And a lot of greens.

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  • V
    By victoria||

    very nice place

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