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Overview Primorsko is a climate resort and a favourite place for young tourists. It is situated 52 kilometres south of Bourgas, on a cape jutting between the Stomoplo Bay and Diavolski ( the Devil’s) Bay. The average sea level is 16 metres. Primorsko has a seaport, which offers regular bus lines to Bourgas and to the towns and villages on the southern Black sea coast. Primorsko is a small picturesque town which has developed from a small fishing village into a very interesting tourist centre. It has about 3500 inhabitants and much more tourists during the Summer season. The climate is mild and Mediterranean, with an average temperature 27°C in July and the highest temperature in the Summer season 32-33°C. The rivers Ropotamo and Dyavolska reka run close to the town, and the Snake Island reserve is located very close and nearby easy to visit staying in Primorsko.

Primorsko has a huge beach stripe with over 80 holiday homes and summer camps. The place is covered with broad-leaved trees and bushes which make it actually a park with a lot of pleasant walking alleys among an old beech forest. The resort is famous for its 10 kilometres of sandy beach, the longest on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. It is known for a place preferred by young people, who come here and stay in big number of rest homes, hostels, student dorms and campgrounds. Regular bus lines connect Primorsko to Bourgas and Sozopol. Similarly to other resorts along the coast, one can also rely on private buses, minibuses and taxis for smaller distances. There is also a small road 'train' for tourists, which travels between the nearby peer town of Kiten and Primorsko. The open vehicle is fueled by gasoline and travels at a rather low speed.

History of Primorsko Remains of stone anchors from the second half of the 2nd millennium and the 1st millennium BC have been discovered in the waters around Primorsko, which can possibly be linked to Neolithic navigation. Remains of lead anchors from the 4th-5th century BC have also been found, as well as traces of Copper Age pottery and stone tools. Valchanovo kale, the ruins of a nearby medieval fortress, which inhabited from the Early Iron Age to the Late Middle Ages, are often linked with the fortress of Ranouli mentioned in the Hambarli inscription of Krum of Bulgaria. Medieval amphoras and pottery have been found in the mouth of the Ropotamo, and the ancient waystation and the fortress of Gera is thought to have been located on Maslen nos. Ottoman documents of the 16th century mention a locality called Zonarita in the area. The eastern traveller Evliya Çelebi marks a cove by the name of Küprü Liman at the place. During the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria, there existed a pier used to transport Strandzha wood and charcoal to Constantinople and other major cities.

The modern Primorsko was founded in 1879 as Kyupria by four families from Zabernovo and Balgari who cleared the forest and built houses. In the vicinity were two abandoned Circassian villages; the Circassians had fled to Turkey fearing retribution for their atrocities in Bulgaria. Other Bulgarians from Central Strandzha came and briefly populated these villages, but then decided that Kyupriya's pier is a better source of income, and soon moved there despite the danger of malaria which Dyavolsko Blato (Devil's Swamp) constituted. Primorsko was declared as a national sea resort in 1953. In 1981, it was merged with Kiten and became a town.

Places To visit In 1998 Primorsko was awarded the prestigious Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe - a recognition of the purity of the nature in its region. The most popular nearby place is the river of Ropotamo, famous for the thick ('Longoz') forest, typical for tropical climates. Ropotamo is one of the largest natural reserves of Bulgaria. This reserve is world famous for its rare birds and plants, that can be found only here. The marsh of Arkutino also falls within the boundaries of the natural reserve. Besides its attractive rocky formations, the right-hand bank of the river also features one of the largest natural reserves of Water Pelin - a rare and treasured herb in the country.

Right next to the town of Primorsko is situated Beglik Tash - an amazing ancient Thracian sanctuary. A unique sanctuary dating from ancient Thracian times can be visited at five kilometres north of the city- this is the biggest megalith sanctuary discovered so far in Eastern Thrace. The world famous Maslen Nos (The Oily Cape) is situated some six kilometres south-west of the village of Primorsko. Maslen Nos Cape is noted for its fantastic and eye catching natural fiord like attraction. Rural tourism is among the priorities of Primorsko. Near by villages – Brashlyan, Bulgari, Gramatikovo and Pismenovo are very attractive to the alternative tourism lovers.

Accommodation in Primorsko Accommodation capacity is satisfying. Besides the plenty of large and small hotels, companies' rest homes and private lodgings in the town, one can find relatively cheap accommodation in the youth centre, or alternatively, in the neighbouring Iglika, Perla or Romantica campsites. The town of Primorsko has grown immensely in the past few years and is currently one of the most popular Black Sea resorts.

Where to dine in Primorsko Small restaurants and open air eating places can be found on every corner with their number being particularly high down the main street of Primorsko. In recent years, entrepreneurship has given birth to dozens of medium and high-class hotels, which in most cases shelter nice restaurants in modern and national style. There are a plenty of cheap eateries such as the beachside Delfin Snack Bar where you have to try the tasty midi pane (breaded deep fried mussels). Kavaka is traditional tavern-style place doing the usual line in steaks, grills and salads, as well as some less obvious dishes such as stewed pork ribs and breaded shark. Bistro Silva set right on the beach, this is a great place to grab a quick, cheap lunch or simple supper. You can sit on the main wooden terrace or in an old fishing boat alongside that’s fit out with tables, and tuck into basic dishes such as much ordered dish ” moussaka” and chicken with rice or potatoes. You can visit also the restaurant “Lambrino’ and the national style machine “Kukeri”.

Things to Do / Shopping From the town square, along “Treti Mart” Str. (The main road into town), it’s a short walk south to the beach. The best shops are located along “ Cherno More” street, which heads Southeast from the square.

Things to Do / Sport The Poseidon Diving Center is located in town of Primorsko. It offers various diving services in the town and at the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. All activities comply with the requirements of the world largest diving organization PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Some of the diving area are: The dove of Stamopolu (The Crocodile Island), the capes of Korakя, Kondrus and Maslen, St. Parashkeva bay, the mouth of Ropotamo river, Mirius Bay and others.

Nightlife / Entertainments For the intrepid traveller is a curious to see how the current generation of Bulgarian youth is embracing capitalist excess, Primorsko is where it's happening. There are many small cafes and discos which are open all night long as “Club Impulse” and “Havana Bar”.

Nightlife in Primorsko can be a real fun if you enjoy wild international parties. The nightlife is excellent and exciting. There are many clubs for the younger population as well as many coffee bars, pubs and restaurants with very high quality and variety of offers. Ultra modern Aqualand – Primorsko is the newest entertainment Aqua Park. Aqua Park has a bar “Detski svyat (Children’s World)’”, ice-cream bar, sushi bar, bar “Ostrova (The Island)”, “Primorsko” restaurant, other catering establishments, pizza. There is a children’s slide, Rolba slide, Cobra, Elephant, Clown, Black hole, Kamikaze, Family slide, Tsunami, Centrifuge, Lazy River.

The Spots hall with 1000 seats is well equipped with contemporary audio and visual technique, multimedia, and press center. The hall is multifunctional – it is suitable for handball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and dances. Congress center at the sports hall has a conference hall, fitness centre, gymnastics, massages, beauty parlour, and confectionery next to “A La Carte” restaurant. It is suitable for all kinds of sports competitions and sports and rehabilitation camps, clubs, and federations. Summer part of the sports center has an open tennis court.




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    By Annet||

    wow!! )) i adore the IYC Primorsko ))) It's the best ))) I love it!!! )))

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    By Monia ... > Sosnowiec||

    I was there in that holiday. Primorsko is great city :) Beautiful beaches and sea. Delicious gyros ;D , pizza, alcohol. A lot of pub and restaurant and atraction :)) Disco IMPULS is fantastic! =) So.. Primorsko is cool!

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    By robi||

    I was in Primorsko in 2001 and 2003! I think it is my favourite place on the earth!

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  • M
    By milen||

    Primorsko is the place where i have had so nice moments in my life. people are friendly, both the beaches are lovely and let us not talk about the night clubs and discos-just great!

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  • C
    By Christine Belton||

    Beautiful forestry and national park, great beach the best in the area, mountain ranges and the river is awesome. I have visited Primorsko with my partner in October 2004 and February 2005 and will go again this summer. Food is excellent and the choice - well you are spoilt for choice. Locals are very friendly and helpful. There is a diverse night life discos, restaurants, street cafes we are in our 40's but loved it all especially the opportunity to have a wide choice of entertainment. You will love it I'm sure.

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