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in Bulgarian: Равда, also known as: Get directions

Ravda Village is situated approximately 33 km past Bourgas, 5 km from the most popular Bulgarian Black Sea resort Sunny Beach and 4 km before Nessebar.

Despite its proximity to big resorts such as Slanchev bryag (Sunny Beach) and Nessebar, Ravda remains a quiet place with a nice beach suitable for people of all ages. It is an especially popular holiday destination for families with children. Ravda is practically part of the location gaining popularity as the Bulgarian Riviera; it consists of many resorts situated 1, 1.5 km from one another: Elenite, St Vlas, Sunny Beach, Ravda, Aheloi.

There are many legends that tell the story of how the village was founded and how it got its name. One legend has it that centuries ago shepherds settled in the region and the place was named after one of them - Ravadin. Another legend says that long time ago these lands belonged to a bad landowner who used to beat his workers with a stick called ravdas. Most interesting is the legend according to which the god Neptune fell in love with a beautiful girl called Ravdalina and wished to take her to the depths of the sea with him, but she refused. Infuriated by her reaction, the god sent a water storm to destroy the village, but the other gods prevented the disaster. Thus the big waves formed numerous coves.

An interesting place to visit in Ravda is the Church of St. Paraskevi. It was built in 1884 by two Greeks, Vasilios and Teodorakis, who worked together with the local people. The temple was restored in 1998.

Ravda beach spreads out on an area of 57 000 sq m and is divided in two by Cape Ravda. The southern beach attracts tourists with its nice sand, clean sea water, and various forms of entertainment, while the northern beach offers a quiet relaxing atmosphere. Ravda provides visitors with many opportunities to practice water sports such as diving, jet skiing, yachting, windsurfing, etc. The average temperature in the summer is 22 C.

Ravda’s immediate proximity to Nessebar, Slanchev bryag, Sveti Vlas, Elenite, and Aheloy allows for a varied holiday. People who are interested in cultural tourism can visit Nessebar. Slanchev bryag, which is famous for the various forms of entertainment it offers, is also nearby. Those who want variety can go to a different beach every day. The resorts are connected to each other by regular transport and the rides are very short.

Ravda provides many accommodation opportunities: there are hotel complexes, apartments, family hotels, private houses and villas, bungalows. There are also many restaurants in the village and the majority of them serve seafood.

Because globalization has not come yet to its full extend, the village is completely ecologically clean. The town is famous for having sports schools for yachting, water skiing, swimming, rowing and windsurfing.




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  • H
    By Helga||

    We also have an apartment in Ravda and absolutely love it too! we are heading out there this May, June and September can't wait, it's our little paradise.

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  • I
    By Irina K.||

    A wonderful place. Paradise. And what people! Friendly, nice, sympathetic. A great place for food lovers. Women - be careful! Protect the figure. Who had never been to Bulgaria, I advise to go to rest it in Ravda. Arriving here at least once, always come back.

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  • M
    By Mal||

    Great nice and quite with beautiful beach we have a place there and can't wait to go back in july

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  • F
    By florence.purves@btinternet.com||

    i have an apartment in the Emerald Spa Resort and i just love Ravda and the Hotel, what a great treat. Ravda is definitely worth visiting.

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  • D
    By Diana||

    Just the most beautiful place in Bulgaria!The BEST!!!

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