Ravda reviews

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    By florence.purves@btinternet.com||

    i have an apartment in the Emerald Spa Resort and i just love Ravda and the Hotel, what a great treat. Ravda is definitely worth visiting.

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    By Irina K.||

    A wonderful place. Paradise. And what people! Friendly, nice, sympathetic. A great place for food lovers. Women - be careful! Protect the figure. Who had never been to Bulgaria, I advise to go to rest it in Ravda. Arriving here at least once, always come back.

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  • H
    By Helga||

    We also have an apartment in Ravda and absolutely love it too! we are heading out there this May, June and September can't wait, it's our little paradise.

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  • M
    By Mal||

    Great nice and quite with beautiful beach we have a place there and can't wait to go back in july

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  • J
    By John||

    Beautiful place and we have flat in Ravda and really look forward to May when we can go there and start our holidays there.

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  • D
    By Diana||

    Just the most beautiful place in Bulgaria!The BEST!!!

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    By Tsapko Maria||

    Ravda is the best place in Bulgaria!

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