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Sveti Vlas is a fast developing resort settlement, located 10 km north of the town of Nessebar and 2 km from Sunny Beach. Recently, St Vlas has been a very attractive place not only for the tourists, but also for the investors. Over the last 10 years the number of buildings in the town has doubled, registering a big increase in the interest shown in the resort.

The history of St Vlas dates back from ancient times, when it was a famous Thracian settlement named Larissa. It was in XIV century when the town was named after the patron of the traders – St Vlas. St Vlas was a saint honoured by both the orthodox and the catholic churches.

There were many monasteries in the town and one of them was called St Vlas as well, but it was burnt down by pirates. Due to the presence of many monasteries the Turks renamed it Kuchuk Monastery during the times of Turkish domination. It was not until 1886 when the town took its name back.

In 2007 the largest yacht port in Bulgaria was founded in Sveti Vlas – Marina Dinevi, with a capacity of 300 yachts.

The beach of Sveti Vlas is facing south. The sand is fine and golden. There are three beaches in the resort contributing to a total length of 1.5 km of the beach line.

St Vlas is another unique combination of mountain and sea on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. There are constant wind currents from the sea to the mountain and the opposite. As a result of them the air in Saint Vlas is extremely clean. The resort is proven suitable place for healing lung diseases because the currents are continuously cleaned the air from dust and all kinds of irritating factors. The sunny days in St Vlas are 1.5-2 times as many as the sunny days in the northern part of the Black Sea coast. It is not by accident that the only Bulgarian Sea sanitarium is situated 1 km from St Vlas.

The annual gathering in Sveti Vlas is conducted on 2 May – the summer St. Atanasuis’ Day.

The International Sailing Regatta “St. Vlas” is conducted in the aquatory of the Nessebar Bay on 18, 19 and 20 July. The host of the competition is the Municipal Marine Club “Nesebar 2000”. The Regatta “St. Vlas” has more than five years of history.




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    By andrew||


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    By Maria H.||

    Bulgaria is a great place for families! For several years, had planned the whole family to go on holiday abroad, but for different reasons, all did not work! This year, finally, this event has happened! Opted for Bulgaria, region Sveti Vlas! Originally wanted a quiet, relaxing and not very expensive holiday! And it has paid off! Rested from June 14 to July 5, great weather, air temperature 30, water + 23 degrees! "The sea is very clean, sandy beach, too clean! Vlas is a picturesque place, at the foot of the mountain, so the air is very fresh and the heat is not so hard! Mostly resting Europeans (Poles, Romanians, Bulgarians). Many rent apartment for long term (1-2 months). Bulgarians are very friendly, unobtrusive, and understand their language is not so hard! On the tour to go there was no particular desire to once traveled alone in Nessebar, a city-museum under the open sky! Advise to travel to Bulgaria itself, the distances between towns are small, you can quickly get on the bus and taxi. Meals in Bulgaria not particularly impressed, monotonous, not very tasty, portions are small.Cook mostly for yourself in the apartments have a kitchenette, equipped with all necessary facilities (equipment and utensils), products purchased in store or on the market (they are on every step), all very fresh, inexpensive! However, choice of meat is not so big, mostly chickens and delicious dairy products! In general holidays in Bulgaria, we are very relaxed: If you want a relaxing, comfortable family vacation, I advise you to Bulgaria, Sveti Vlas!

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    By carol king||

    I returned last week from a week at the Sunrise Club which is situated in front of the Zora Villas at the North end of Sunny Beach.  The Hotel had only opened the day before we arrived.  This was my forst trip to Bulgaria and I had heard different reports from different people.  I was very pleasantly surprised at the standard of our accomodation.  It was excellent and although this is a Hotel it had much more of an 'Apartment' feel to it.  The staff could not have been more helpful and were always very pleasant. They treated everyone as if our comfort  and happiness was really important to them.  The food in the restaurant was excellent and very reasonably priced.  The Hotel is situated just across the road from the beach with a very good restaurant, with floorshow, situated  inbetween.  the beach is quiet and has plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas available.  Another plus point is the 'mini train' which runs regularly from the centre of Sunny Beach (Kuban Hotel) to Sunrise Club - it then turns and goes back again. 50p.  Taxis are plentiful and cheap.
    A trip to Nesebur costs arounf £3 each way and is well worth visiting.
    I will certainly return to Bulgaria and most likely to the sunrise Club.
    Congratulations to everyone involved in setting up and running the Hotel for it's first week of business.

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    By Mr R+Mrs E Mcgrath||

    Having stayed at the Hotel Sunrise St.Vlas for 2 weeks beginning June,We thoroughly enjoyed our stay,thanks to the owners and all their wonderful staff.I would certainly recommend this beautiful Hotel.

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    By olya||

    I was there this summer. I really like it:small village without traffic is the best rest for citizen of big city. Also very like good location: not far from Sunny Beach with great amount of DiskoClubs!! We were at Mistral II, but were living in hotel EDEN. Only good impressions!!!

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