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in Bulgarian: Кранево, also known as: Get directions

The village of Kranevo is a climate treatment sea settlement. It is located at a distance of 2 km from the resort of Albena, which can also be reached on foot along the sea shore stripe.

The beaches consist of light sand, and they are maintained and clean. The sea is shallow and allows safe swimming for children. In the south part of the village there are remains of an ancient civilization and a National Children Complex is constructed.

The population is about 1,000 residents.

There are autobus connections with Balchik, Kavarna, Dobrich and Varna.

The northeast branches of the Frangensko Plateau reach Kranevo from the south and the southwest. The Kranevska River flows near the settlement.

The climate is sea based, with some continental influence (average annual temperatures of 12° С, average annual rainfalls of about 460 mm), sunny and hot summer, humid and warm autumn.

The beach strip is vast, with light sand, small inclination of the by-shore sea bottom. In the southern part of the beach, preserved by a high slope of the plateau, there is a National Children Complex. To the north of Kranevo, in the valley of Batova river, there is a dense forest, black soils, and lime rocks in some places.

Vine-growing, fruit-growing and vegetable growing are developed in the region.

The settlement offers a large number of hotels, holiday stations, villas and apartments. There is a nudist beach between Kranevo and Albena.




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  • F
    By Fakidi||

    It's really nice place to spend your summer holiday because is small town to say or village but i like so much everything is in one place nice place nice people very cheap things and nice disco (AMAZONKA) i'm going again this summer wait for me ...

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  • A
    By Alex||

    hello!I remenber one of my favorite holidays in Bulgaria. I ll come back this summer with my friends, so i ll invit all young people to come this summer to do a big party in the beginning of julllllly. I wish my invitation will give happyness for all my future friends.

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  • S
    By Smith||

    Last summer I was in Kranevo with my friends from Serbia. The NIGHT CLUB - PLAYBOY, you have to visit it!
    Wait for us this summer again!

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  • J
    By jackie||

    last year was the first time in bulgaria..i took my family to kranevo and stayed at an hotel ..the owner pavol and mirka was very frindly and cheap ..we stayed for a week and only cost 120 pounds in english money for 4 of wat a lovly hotel for your money...they even made us bulgarian food whih was not included in the price..our rooms over looked the see ..beautifull..the beach was a short distance away..fab...the local shop across from mirkas was very cheap..bottle of stella 40pence nearly bought the whole lot it was that cheap..were stayin there again this year and takin 12 family members ..thanks mirka and pavol for a wonderfull holday..thankyou for the great swimming pool the kids loved it ..see you in august 07

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  • L
    By Lee Cullinan||

    walking across the beach from Albena i came to a stream which had been made by a tractors bucket i think to stop the tourist spending outside the resort (business is business) with a riska nude section "eyes closed" i came to a much better place called Kranevo the beach had a number of young adults having a great time, A beach bar sold me an exspreso coffee for 0.50 stotinka insted of 1.50 leva. walking to the center of the village i found the usualy tack costing more than Bury Market UK. i could see that some of the bars and eating places were stunning without the europian push. food half price from the sister resorts cheeper when i walked out of the center, i met an old guy called Pavel who said hello in German we chatted over some drinks, he,s Bulgarian speaks German and no English but we chatted for hours and not understanding eachother not that it mattered, a safe and wonderful time, i spent more on the taxi back to the resort (Bandits) thanx Kranevo

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