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in Bulgarian: Дюни, also known as: Diuni, Diyuni, Dyuni Get directions

About / Overview The Duni Resort is located some 12 km north of Primorsko, and 6km south of Sozopol in a cosy, shallow-water bay. The high-class resort is particularly used by foreign tourists. The resort was built after the decision of the Bulgarian Government to turn the place under the high world standard.

Duni is a charming Bulgarian village situated in the bay of Duni, on a territory of a state nature preserved area. The position is on the South mountainside and covers the area between the last house and the harbour. There are shady and narrow alleys reminding of an old town and sunny, pleasant terraces. So the place has preserved the beauty and the romance of the old Bulgarian way of life.

The resort offers you to spend carefree days with the undisturbed walks along the seacoast. Your stay will not be enough to know the interesting country and its people, but on this place you’ll have a direct and friendly contact with local people to enrich your impressions. Duni Resort is an amazing collection of luxuries hotels and villas. Perfectly located at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, a prestigious destination in southern Europe, Duni Resort welcomes you with the best services and exquisite facilities.

History The construction of the holiday city was completed in 1987 as a Bulgarian-Austrian project. Duni Resort was built to resemble the Bulgarian style of the past centuries. The plan was prepared by Bulgarian architects and was carried out by the Austrian building company "Rogner".

Accommodation The resort offers suites (with some 2,000 beds in total) in snow-white villas of beautiful architectural design. These are divided into three zones - Zelenika, Marina and Pelikan, and are surrounded by plenty of green areas. The holiday city features developed infrastructure, with various sports facilities (including such for water sports), bars, discos, restaurants, etc.

Hotels • Marina Royal Palace • Marina beach hotel • Belleville hotel • Pelican hotel • Holiday Village

Transport As the holiday city of Duni lies on the seaside road connecting the city of Bourgas to the country's southern seaside resorts, it is easily accessible. Route taxis from Bourgas, regular municipal transport and private minibuses all travel to here.

Nightlife / Entertainments In the restaurants of Duni Royal Resort dishes have a memorable taste. In the A-La-Carte restaurants you will find selected specialists according to your individual requirements and taste.

International entertainment team of over 40 entertainers (professional dancers, Brazilian capoiera dancers, hip-hop dance group) • Different entertainment & show programs • Amphitheatre with 1600 places capacity and professional stage equipment • Variety shows with professional decoration and costumes (dance, musical, black-light, playback, comedy acts and fire-shows) • International sketch shows • Guests for the guests’ shows • Kids shows • Folklore music and dance shows • Pool parties with fireworks • Beach parties with bonfire and fireworks • Live music performances • Disco parties every night

Places of Interest The Alepou Beach and Arkoutino Beach just next to the resort in southern direction are wild and beautiful places where the sea is traditionally rough. Inland from the Alepou Beach is the Alepou Marsh (literally meaning the Fox's Marsh), which is separated from the sea by a 320-meter wide sand stripe. The marsh used to a lagoon lake once and is declared a natural reserve.

Further down the seaside road to the south of Duni one can see the St-Thomas Island (also known as the Snake Island for the plenty of snakes one can come across there), which is situated just about 300m away from the coast. The islet is uninhabited in present days, but used to shelter a Hellenic sanctuary in ancient times. The islet is popular for its cactus plantation, planted back in 1932. Cape Maslen is situated just after the mouth of the Roporamo River. Its rocky profile and steep slope down to the sea offer a great view to tourists who have climbed on top of it.

Beneath the cape, one can see small and quiet coves among the fiords, covered with pebbles and seashells. Further southward is the Perla Campsite located in one of the most beautiful bays along the Black Sea coast. Here the beach gradually turns into a green grove. Nearby is the marsh of Stomoplo. Two natural reserves cover this area - Vodna Lilia (water lily) and Velyov Vir. Via Pontica - the way of migrating birds flying to the south also passes through here. Every year at the end of the summer thousands of storks, pelicans, and about 30 species of birds of prey gather in the area before they head southwards to spend the winter.




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