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The conditions of this disclaimer ("Disclaimer") apply for this internet website (www.bulgariancoast.com) of Direct Travel Ltd., which has her headquarters located at st.Svetoslav Obretenov 18A, 9022, Varna, Bulgaria and is registered in the register under the number BULSTAT 148056974 (Direct Travel Ltd.).

By visiting this internet website and/or make use of the information that is offered on this internet website, you declare and agree with the applicability of this Disclaimer. In case of contradiction between the conditions of specific hotels and/or intermediaries reserved through this website and this Disclaimer, prevail the conditions of these specific hotels and/or intermediaries.

With the access to and the use of this website you as a user will agree with the conditions and restrictions written below.

1. This website is providing information for you as a user. Despite of the constant care and attention that we spend on the composition of this website, it is possible that the information published here is incomplete or incorrect. Every liability for any damage resulted of accessing to and the use of this website, is going to be explicit rejected by the direction of Bulgariancoast.com.

Bulgariancoast.com acquires the information about the ruling rates to the websites of the hotels or information on rates of the intermediaries and/or by information delivered by the hotels themselves and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy of the rates shown. Also when taking over information or by technical failures and/or other circumstances mistakes in the information can occur or information can happen to be incomplete. You are yourself responsible for the decision to make a reservation with a hotel or intermediary and we cannot accept liability for any damage that is caused as a result of that decision, as well if the cause is by failure about the by Bulgariancoast.com provided information, inaccurate information or loss of information.

If by an obvious typing error or a technical error the rate or other conditions of a hotel, intermediary or hotel services is shown incorrect on this website and when the hotel is reserved while showing incorrect information, the provider can refuse such a reservation with incorrect shown rates or conditions. Consumer prices are always included with V.A.T. (value added tax) and will be as such shown on this website.

2. When necessary information on this website will be added and any changes can be, at all times, added immediately without any announcement or notification. It is preferred recommended to periodically check the information offered on or through this internet website, including the text of this Disclaimer, on changes.

3. Links to other websites and references to information resources are just admitted for the information of the user of this website. Bulgariancoast.com does not accept any liability related to the contents, offers or other matters that are mentioned on these websites of information resources.

4. Bulgariancoast.com does not offer any guarantee for the continuous and unfailing operation of this website. Every liability for any damage as a result of access to use this website, is going to be explicit rejected by the direction of Bulgariancoast.com.

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It is not allowed to copy the information shown on this internet website, to download or in any way make it public, to spread or to multiply without prior written approval of Bulgariancoast.com or legitimate approval of the right holder. You can print out information from this website and/or download for your own personal use. Without prior written approval of Bulgariancoast.com it is not permitted to show links to websites of Bulgariancoast.com.

Applicable law

On this internet website and Disclaimer the Bulgarian law is applicable.

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