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in Bulgarian: Св. Константин, also known as: Druzba, Drujba, Saint Elias, St. St. Konstantin and Elena Get directions

St. St. Constantine and Elena is the oldest summer resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.. It is located 8 km from downtown Varna, between the city and The Golden Sands - very popular European summer resort.

The area’s climate is typically continental Mediterranean, with hot dry summers; the median temperature during June is 22 degrees centigrade.

The resort is situated in a forest of deciduous shade trees, and there are 7 mineral springs within its domain. The springs are between 1,800 and 2,050 meters deep with an average constant flow of 175 litres a second, and their temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees centigrade. Thanks to these hot springs, the resort has long been one of the Black Sea coast’s most popular spas.

The construction of the resort started back in 1908 in close proximity to the St. St. Constantine and Elena church. The resort derives its name from the venerable monastery Saints Constantine and Elena located here. Details of the monastery’s history are not known, but what is known is that it was rebuilt during the first half of the 19th century. Today, the monastery is transformed into a deluxe hotel with a restaurant. The resort has a beautiful sea garden – the Sofia University Botanical Garden.

The resort, which was already a popular tourist destination at the turn of the twentieth century, was known as The Druzhba (Friendship) Resort during the socialist era.

The beach at Saints Constantine and Elena is 3.5 kilometres long, and there are a number of hotels in the complex, from the 2-star of the 5-star category. Attractions besides the thermal baths include a dock for yachts, tennis courts, football pitches, and a variety of water sports and seaside attractions. The complex also offers stores, restaurants, bars, a post office, a drugstore, and a fitness center.

Nearby is the Evksinograd Palace built in neo-baroque style – the former summer residence of the Bulgarian monarchs Alexander I, Ferdinand I, and Boris III.




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  • B
    By Boris and Anna||

    First visit to Bulgaria. Resort of St. Constantine and Elena is exactly what we wanted. The terrain is rich in vegetation, all different, which in combination with the sea air is very positive. Convenient location, which allowed us to go to Balchik, Nessebar, Bourgas, visit Cape Kaliakra, taking the car into a rental. The hotel ... then, of course, not all is well. We relax the 11th day at the Lebed Complex. Like all good, but the food is very, very monotonous, despite the 3 a la carte restaurant, I do not recommend going here for all inclusive. The only advantage of all inclusive - free parking, but it's not all true. I would like to note that the beach is very crowded, because The complex consists of five hotels. But there is a lovely swimming pool with sea water, where the conduct exercises in the afternoon, very exciting:) And so I'd recommend taking a car, it's cheaper than buying trips, plus you're not tied to time and bus tours. Good luck! I think that Bulgaria worth a visit. Personally, I liked the town of Nessebar, near to it is Sunny Beach resort.

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  • G
    By George Johnson||

    I have visited St Konstantine for the last 9 years and find it to be the most relaxing place I have visited.
    The Bulgarian people are fantastic and so friendly, I find in Bulgaria a smile goes a long way, smile and your smile will be returned. I stayed at the Hotel Grand Varna for 8 years and last year stayed at the Roubin. Both Hotels were very good. I am going back in 2004, to Grand Hotel, which is my favourite. It is excellent and the staff so friendly and helpful.
    If you want the most chilled out holiday of your life time visit St. Konstantine.

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  • M
    By m!le#@||

    This holiday that I've spent in hotel Sana in Sv.Konstantin was the best holiday in my entire life! The Black sea is clean and filled with pure sand and seashels,the place is not far from Varna so you can always visit the dolphins and the best night time ever!With all that kind people there you can clearly conclude that going there is the best way to spend your free time!

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  • D
    By Doina||

    Spent a very relaxant time at Azalia, very good SPA.

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