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It's best to know what Ahtopol activities you'd like to do when you visit Ahtopol, Bulgaria. But if you haven't planned beforehand, here are some possible Ahtopol activities which could include visits to a number of Ahtopol attractions:


Castle: Ravadinovo Castle view on the map Region: Ravadinovo Distance 39 km from centre of Ahtopol.

Ravadinovo Castle is a unique attraction for Bulgaria. It is located left on the road, before village of Ravadinovo when comming from Sozopol. This is not an authentic historical building (even it is still in process of completion), but it was built with understanding and with attention to the all small details, so it looks like a real medieval knight castle. It is built of stones and the total area of the site is around 30 000 sq.m. Front of the castle is situated an artificial lake.There are many gardens and green areas and the building is overgrown with ivy. The castle hosts an art gallery, wine cellar and several large halls. The building has very beautiful night lighting, which makes the place fabulous.

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