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    By Gane P.||

    The former residence of the party. Large fenced and guarded area is the National Parks, perennial trees, green lawns, flowers, a beautiful beach. One of the indisputable advantages is the presence in the territory of several sources with hot mineral water. All pools (both open and closed) - a mineral water source. The water in the showers at beaches and pools from the same sources. On the territory of several hotels. "Hotel Imperial" - "an old" Five, a little pathos, from the "past" time update of course. In its indoor swimming pool with terrace, very comfortable. And a spa. All is calm and measured. Near the Hotel Lotus 4 *, too quiet, very much food. Recommend for families with young children, unless you want something loud and active. Outdoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi, children's playground in front of the beach under the spreading pine. All rooms with sea views. It's close, right out of the hotel, along the path past the lawn and rose bushes about 50 meters and the sand is. Sand in Bulgaria (Riviera, in particular) deserves a separate description. It is very pleasant to the touch, do not get dirty, soft, pale yellow sand. For children - a real pleasure. In addition, the shells can be found everywhere - round white and Rapa. Hotel Oasis 4 * - the smallest, quietest, most lush greenery. Classic interior, carpets in the corridors and paintings. Located on a small hill, almost under the windows - the sea. At this point, rocky shore, all the time, a small surf. The sea air mixed with the aromas of flowers and trees, especially in the evenings, the sound of the surf - a complete relaxation! Hotel Riviera Beach 5 * - a modern, new. Reminds me of hotels in Turkey. Noisy, for active recreation for children and adults. Spa, fitness center, outdoor pool and much more. And a 3 * hotel "Nymph" - the most economical and simple. In the complex - a few beaches (sun loungers and umbrellas free of charge, as I recall), pier, swimming pools, restaurants and cafes, a spa, a disco club, concert hall, where the evening animation team arranges the show, outdoor tennis courts, playgrounds , bike, pan with ice cream. All infrastructure is available to all guests of the complex. In the book "Lotus" rested with the children - 1 year and 9 years old, took full board, were very pleased. Conveniently, all at your fingertips - the beach, rooms, restaurants. Good kitchen. For the complex, very close, begins embankment Golden Sands. There you can buy fruit, ice cream, souvenirs and all-all). There are supermarkets and other stores. But in the restaurants there must accurately. Those who did not order food at the hotel, pity about that. :) I wish you all a pleasant stay!

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    By Hazel||

    Recently spent a week at the Riviera Beach Hotel and had a perdect holiday. The hotel is beautiful. on the beach.The service is excellent. The food is varied in choice and delicious. The Bulgarians are very friendly and welcome English visitors. Wish we had booked for a fortnight.

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