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in Bulgarian: Слънчев бряг, also known as: Slantchev Briag, Slanchev Bryag, Sonnenstrand, Zonnestrand Get directions

Overview Sunny Beach is a major seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, located approximately 35 km north of Burgas in Nessebar municipality, Bourgas Province. It is the biggest and most popular holiday resort in Bulgaria, and is home to over 200 hotels with more than 300 000 beds. There are also 130 restaurants and numerous live music bars, pubs, nightclubs, discos, cafes. It has been undergoing continuous expansion for many years. In recent years almost the whole hotel base has been renovated and several new luxurious hotels have been built as well as many apartment complexes.

During the Summer the resort is home to many thousands of tourists. The main strip of high-rise extends along a wide bay between Sveti Vlas and Nessebar.

The resort stretches along a beautiful semicircular bay facing east. Closed to the north by the descending ridges of the Balkan Range, thus blending sea and mountain combine in perfect harmony. Lying to the South is the small peninsula on which the ancient town of Nessebar is located - an architectural and historic monument of Bulgarian and world culture.

Sunny Beach is a bearer of the prestigious BLUE FLAG prize for proven ecological advantages along the Black Sea coast. This is one of the small number of places along the Black Sea coast where still can be seen genuine well formed sand dunes, the most beautiful ones are situated in the resort's Southern part.

The combination of coniferous and deciduous forests with sea and beach, unspoiled nature make the holiday in Sunny beach a truly healthy. Many interesting plants, some of which can be seen only along the coast, are preserved among the sands. Sixteen rare plant varieties, which figure in the Red Book of Bulgaria, grow among the dunes of Sunny Beach. Five of these are protected, and some included in the list of rare and endangered plant varieties in Europe.

A holiday oasis, generously endowed by nature • wide semicircular bay facing east • about 10 km long and 30-60 m wide beach strip • fine golden sand • natural dunes among which 16 rare plant varieties grow • clean water and gently sloping sea bottom • calm sea without tides • invigorating air, carrying the freshness of the nearby mountains • sea breeze which make scorching days easy to bear and the nights pleasantly cool

For Children Sunny Beach definitely lives up to its motto of "Where families come first” and only the most jaded of kids could get bored here, with the likes of kiddy trains, well-equipped playgrounds, clubs with foreign language-speaking nannies, organized festivals, campfire sessions, kids' discos, donkey safaris, sandcastle building competitions.

Children can delight in • plenty of laughter and ice-cream on children's holidays • fun games and competitions with prizes • excitement galore with slides and children's pools, merry-go-rounds and carting • building sand castles on the beach or splashing around in the shallow sea • jumping on inflatable castles and zooming down the Rolba slide • dancing in kids' discos and drawing pictures on asphalt • mastering new sport skills under the guidance of experienced instructors • playing exciting electronic games • one special surprise: pony riding • a day out visiting Robinson and His Man Friday - the heroes of your favorite novel

Climate Bulgaria's Black Sea coast has a maritime climate. Summers are typically hot and dry, but rarely oppressive, with moderate, relative humidity. In the Black Sea coastal regions, including Bulgaria's Sunny Beach, Mediterranean influences temper the harsher continental climate of the rest of the country. The Maritime climate along the coast is characterised by warm, sunny days from May to October with midsummer air temperatures averaging 83°F (28°C) and sea temperatures ranging from 73-77°F (23-25°C).

History In medieval times, the bay situated between Cape Emine and Nessebar had two large fresh water wells; residents earned a living by selling drinking water to Nessebar, which had none of its own. This area is now known as Sunny Beach. Started in 1958 and the largest of the country's beach resorts. Today, the wide, ten kilometre long beach is generally regarded as the best on the coast.

Transport The airports serving Sunny Beach are Burgas Airport around 35 km and Varna Airport around 100 km. Sunny Beach Bus station is well connected by bus with all larger Bulgarian cities. There is no direct connection with train. The first passenger train station is Bourgas.

Sport Everything an aquatic sports fan wants. Sunny Beach yachting club and aquatic facilities along the whole beach • instruction in yachting • windsurfing • water skiing • motor launch cruises • scooter driven parasailing • sailing • hang-gliding • speed boating • mini-golf • roller and in line skating • beach volleyball

Beginner and advanced tennis players will find all they need to keep in top shape: well-maintained and equipped tennis courts, tennis schools, skilled partners, tournaments. Riders will also feel great at Sunny Beach. There are stables and riding school. Those who love change can alternate aquatic sports with bowling and mini-golf, volleyball on the beach and archery. A ride around on a bicycle or rickshaw on wheels is so refreshing after a long day on the beach.

Living Traditions You'll find it anywhere: in the Bulgarian hospitality, in the characteristic ambience of folk-style spots, in the singular melodiousness of Bulgarian songs, the fiery rhythm of folk dances, the colourful national costumes, the mouth-watering national cuisine. If Bulgarian lifestyle and costumes are of interest to you, you should go right to the source.

Bulgarian Village - Half-day trip inland. Ride through several scenic villages, tour an orchard or vineyard. Visit a Bulgarian house. Short talk on the lifestyle and tradition of Bulgarian peasants. Visit the village church. Dinner with folk show, ride in a donkey-drawn cart.

Bulgarian Cuisine - Visit to a folk style restaurant. Guests welcomed with bread, salt and folk music. The guide introduces the chef, who tells the visitors about traditional Bulgarian food, how it is prepared and served and the traditional drinks that go with it. Patrons may try anything they like on a smorgasbord and ask the chef for the recipe. Rich folk show.

Food and Drink Going on holiday often presupposes experiencing a wave of emotions, meeting new people, exploring interesting places and learning different cultures as well. Completely relaxed and released from your worries imagine yourself sipping the original local red wines Mavrud or Melnik on a café terrace somewhere at the seaside.

By force of habit man links holidays and high spirits with good food as well. You will find that eating here is indeed a pleasure. Besides, apart from the taste of Bulgaria, you can also take back with you the recipes of traditional Bulgarian dishes, prepared from ecologically pure products. Shopska salad, kebapcheta, kavarma! Sparkling white and red wine! The famous Bulgarian yoghurt! More than 150 restaurants, folk style and other establishments with floor shows and excellent food snack bars and cafeterias.

A few samples: Buchvata ( The caks) - The best of Bulgarian cuisine washed down with superb Bulgarian wines. Chouchoura (The Spout) - rich range of local specialities, vintage wine and brandy. Cherven luv ( Red Lion) - Original lager and stout, plus the right food that goes with them, in a real English pub. Vyaturna melnitsa (Windmill) - Original design and atmosphere, national cuisine. Don't miss the shashlik, grilled on a fire at your side. Strandjanskite colibi (Mt. Strandjia Hut).

For those who want to experience a thrilling night take your pick from the three main groups of entertainment spots • exotic restaurants and bars • folk-style restaurants with folklore program and dinner • nightclubs with music and dancing over a glass of champagne

Attractions In addition, for active package holiday Bulgaria Sunny Beach resort offers a great variety of tourist attractions to visit. For the ideal vacation with children there are also all possible entertainment programs, games and animations in Sunny Beach resort. Being sure your child is in safety you can watch him swim in children’s pools or practice in sport schools. Slides, carting, Rolba water slide, inflatable trampoline are specially created to make him bubble over with excitement.

Aqua Paradise is the largest and most attractive aqua park in Bulgaria. After the expansion made in the 2009 season, the park impresses with its size and with 20 new unique attractions. Only here you can experience the pleasure of "River Rafting" which takes you into the world of high adrenaline, compete with the waves. The adventure will continue with the extremely high-speed slides and will end in the calm waters of the "lazy river" or "Paradise Island". This is the place to relax with individual service, swimming pool with water procedures, massage and Jacuzzi. Enjoy comfort, luxury and relaxation. Here you will spoil as possible only in the paradise. In the hottest days of the Mediterranean bar with a selected range of cocktails, spirits and soft drinks. For those who are always looking for something different and more challenging we have planned a climbing wall and pool with a trampoline. The total length of slides exceeding 1300 meters, surrounded by exotic castles, pools, restaurants, open cocktail bars and foliage that make it one of the most exciting entertainment venues for young and old. Find your water paradise and forget about boredom and concerns. Experience the thrill of extreme attractions and feel the pulse of real entertainment.

Places to visit There are so many interesting places and sights to see in Bulgaria, no doubt it is always difficult to decide where to go first and next. To make the most of your journey around the Bulgarian Riviera you should be armed with some helpful tips. First of all, do not forget your camera as there is nothing more valuable than the photos bringing you back plenty of warm and pleasant memories. Second, renting a car is the best way to explore around the entire coast area. Having ventured out to Varna and Bourgas, two large cities and seaports, you will be impressed by their amazing beauty and rich history.

If you have chosen Sunny Beach as your holiday destination, besides spending unforgettable days, you will also have the unique chance to come in contact with one of the oldest European and world civilization and culture. Whether by plane, coach or car, within the framework of your holiday you can travel to.

- Nessebar - just next to Sunny Beach. Small rocky town, included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage. Living monument of millennial human history: ancient fortress walls, mediaeval churches, narrow cobblestone lanes, old wooden houses with strings of dried fish hanging from their roofs. A romantic heaven for fishermen, artists and lovers of beauty. Nessebar is famous for its archaeological finds, some of which have been crated 12 century b.c. Only there you'll see 42 churches and temples, which are gathered together on a territory of only two quadrate kilometres, surrounded by old Bulgarian buildings and charming stony streets. The narrow streets crossing each other in a labyrinth, the beautiful wooden houses from the Revival period, the unique churches standing at every corner form the individuality of the Old town of Nessebar. The island-museum is only 300 m wide, 850 m long, but it keeps precise landmarks from all the ages of the culture.

- Varna is a town with the most number of places of interest and important for all kinds of life and events places: The seaside garden , the Palace of sports, Festival complex, the Cathedral, the religious temples, the Clock tower, the proto Bulgarian village, the museums, the Theater, the Asparuhovo bridge, the Varna lake, The Planetarium, the Aquarium, the Dolphinarium, The Aladja rocky monastery, Amazing Maritime Gardens with a rich variety of local and Mediterranean plants.

- Sozopol - visit to the Archaeological Museum, St. John Island - declared a protected area and the birds here are included in the famous Red Book of Bulgaria, The Church of the Holy Virgin- registered by UNESCO as the important and precious monuments of world culture, Thracian fortresses, Apollonia Arts Festival.

- Ropotamo - Boat cruise to the estuary of the Ropotamo River.

- Bourgas - Modern city with old cultural tradition. Industrial, commercial, transport and tourist center on the southern coast. Lots of cultural events. International folk festival in summer.

Nightlife Night life runs the gamut from floor shows and variety acts to casinos, night clubs and discos. Variety Bar -Fancy interior, floorshow, and sophisticated services. Dance floor. Try your luck at roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Open nightly from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Bar & Disco "CACAO BEACH" – next to Aktinia, Nobel hotel- Haos, dance, Hot HITS, Retro, 8O'S & 90'S • Party Club "ICEBERG CPH" – next to hotel Kuban - Hot HITS, Haos, Dance • Disco “Lazur” - on the central alley • Dance Club "MANIA" – on the central alley – Haos. Dance • Beach Bar "BEDROOM BEACH" – Complex Cacao beach –close to Aktinia, Nobel hotel- Haos, dance, Hot HITS, Retro , 8O'S & 90'S • Dance Club "REVOLUTION"- opposite Alba hotel - Haos, dance, Hot HITS, Pop • Disco "ORANGE"- next to Strandja hotel- Hot HITS, Haos,Dance, Soul, R'N'B, Retro , 8O'S & 90'S • Disco”Lazur”- next to Pomorie hotel, close to Nobel hotel - Hot HITS, Haos, Dance,Techno,Trans, Soul, R'N'B • Beach Bar "GUABA"- next to Chajka hotel- Hot HITS, Karaoke • Disco bar "SLAM CAFE" – on the central alley- Hot HITS, Haos, Dance • Disco & Cocktail Bar "AMIGO"- next to Globus hotel- Hot HITS, Haos, dance , Soul, R'N'B, Retro , 8O'S & 90'S • Party Bar "HEINEKEN HOUSE"- on the central alley- live music, Hot HITS, Retro, 8O'S & 90'S • Disco Bar "COCOON"- on the central alley- Hot HITS • Beach Bar "FRESH"- next to Glarus hotel, on the beach- Hot HITS • Folk club “Mania”- on the central alley- chalga, pop folk, hits • Disco Beach Bar "VIKING"- next to Globus hotel • Disco Bar "AMORA"- on the central alley • Disco bar "CORNER 2"- on the central alley • Disco "SOHO"- next to Trakia hotel • Disco "XL"- hotel Kuban • “Naj club”- next to Hrizantema hotel • "Domby bar" – Cacao beach • Disco Bar "TERRA EGEYA"- next to Tiara beach hotel • Beach Club & Piano "CABANA"- Cacao beach • Party Bar "OLE OLE"- next to Globus hotel • Dance Club "Grafity"- next to Barcelo hotel • Karaoke bar “Karaoke idol” – next to Barcelo hotel • Mix club “Habibi” - next to Barcelo hotel • Disco Bar "CORNER"- next to Alba hotel • Pop folk club ”Grand de Lux” – central street • Disco night club “Corner” - on the central alley




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  • R
    By Ryan||

    Sunny beach is a really good holiday resort all and more than i expected. Very Cheap great sun that cools down at night and a breeze from the sea all day to keep you cool. Recommend to anyone. MY BEST HOLIDAY !!!! :-) (",)

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  • L
    By Lex Brown||

    Sunny Beach is a nice resort,good clean beach sea is warm It has many restaurants most of which are good and very cheap.The kids were happy during the day but bored at night as there is'nt much for them to do.But BEWARE do not go lower than 3* as many of the hotels are below their rating and under NO circumstances go allocation on arrival as you will probably end up in the hotel from HELL.I met many other Brits who had went on last minute/late bookings and all of us seem to have been dumped in minus 2* hotels it seems that all they want is hard currency.If I ever go to Bulgaria again I would make sure it was a good Hotel and would leave the kids behind.

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  • J
    By julia||

    i spend this summer 2 weeks at sunny beach and it was a really great time!
    most of the nights we spend in the disco "iceberg". the atmosphere there is great and you meet a lot of nice people.
    byebye julia

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  • D
    By david"Rico"||

    hello! I was there only one week....I get really good time in sunny beach....its so beauty there....everyone is happy ...its only so good to be there men!
    david from sweden

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  • N
    By Nina||

    Best Holiday so far! the resort was better than expected! everything extremely cheap, all locals very very friendly, weve only been home for a week and we are booking to go back already, would recommend it to anyone! 10/10!

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