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in Bulgarian: Царево, also known as: Tcarevo, Tsarevo Get directions

Location The town of Tzarevo has above 6,000 inhabitants, and lies 72km south of Bourgas. Similarly to other nearby towns and villages, Tzarevo is situated at the very border between the Strandzha Mountain and the sea. It lies over two small peninsulas, bordering a beautiful inlet. The peak of Papiya, which is 502m high and shows traces of an old fortress, stands out to the south of the town and is an additional attraction of Tzarevo.

History In ancient times, the place was inhabited by a colony named Vassiliko. The town of Tzarevo was included in the territory of Bulgaria only in 1912. The name of Tzarevo dates back to the 1930s. With the communists' taking power in September, 1944 it was renamed into Michurin in honour of the renowned Russian biologist, and bore this name until the fall of socialist rule. It is an international port for medium-sized passenger and cargo ships.

Places of Interest Staying in Tzarevo, it is worth spending a cloudy day away from the beach, deep into the Stradzha Mountain. The mountain was declared a natural park in 1995 and is one of the least explored in Bulgaria, which explains the richness of its wildlife. The mountain also has a lot of caves (particularly in its western part), traces of ancient civilisations (such as stone figures, sun discs carved in stone, Thracian dolmens, fortress walls, Proto Bulgarian sanctuaries, etc).

The mountain villages are also unique in terms of spirit and architecture. Two such authentic villages to the southwest of Tzarevo on the road to Malko Turnovo are Kolodovo (22km away from Tzarevo) and Bulgari (17km away). The village of Bulgari is particularly famous for its 'nestinarski' dances (barefoot dance on glowing embers), held on the occasion of village fairs or holidays, such as the one in St. St. Constantin and Elena on the 21st of May. Two natural reserves, Silkosiya and Tisovitsa, which fall within the boundaries of the Strandzha Natural Park, can be found in the South and the West of Bulgari respectively. Trees of some 200 years of age can be seen there. Another attraction in the neighbourhood is the village of Gradishte where Thracian mounds were discovered.

Sightseeing nearby Ropotamo River

Accommodation Numerous private lodgings provide accommodation during the summer. Rent prices for flats and rooms at private houses are traditionally low due to the resort's relatively lower popularity in comparison to other towns and villages to the South of Bourgas. Besides, the camping sites of Arapya and Nestinarka offer the opportunity of accommodation at low prices. Arapya, which is one of the largest and most visited campsites along the coast, features three beautiful beaches one after the other (separated by rocks) and is a preferred place by local and foreign wind surfers.

Featured Hotels • Regina Mare Hotel • South Beach Hotel • Hotel Lalov Egrek • The Castle Hotel • Tzarevo Plaza Hotel • Sunny House Hotel

Catering The most famous places in the town are Yalta Restaurant and the Passat Snack Bar. There are lots of small private restaurants, stalls, a marketplace and groceries. Fish at low prices can be bought at the port from local fishermen as well.

Transport Regular bus lines connect Tzarevo to Bourgas, Sozopol, Primosko and Kiten to the North and to Ahtopol to the South.




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    By Sandra||

    Tzarevo is the best of the best

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    By bg2007||

    Tsarevo is a quite relaxing resort situated some 70km south of Bourgas. The little town/resort is relaxing. The beaches are jolly good but the unpleasant thing about Tsarevo is the weak entertainment nightlife.
    Compared to the richer northern resorts Tsarevo needs a little more improvment and it might be good some day! :) Happy summer holidays everybody! Cheers! xoxox

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    By Artist River||

    I use to be in Micurin in 1990. It was the best holiday I have ever had in my life .I 'm interested to see some more photos from nowadays "Micurin"(they call it Tsarevo). Another reason is a lady I met there...

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    By Maurice Douglas||

    I have visited Tsarevo and Ahtopol many times over the years for family holidays, and find this area of Bulgaria to be most welcoming and friendly. The local people are truly genuine and helpful. This area is very beautiful and unspoilt with a depth of history that would occupy the most inquitive mind. I have many wonderful memories of holidays with my children in this area and now my children are no longer children and have left to start there own familys, i have the desire to return to Tsarevo or Ahtopol. However, this time i would like to move to this area permanently ( leave England), so i am hoping someone in one of these area can help me. I would like to buy a small house or apartment in one of these areas, it would only have to be small 2 bedroom perhaps an old rural house in need of some improvement, but not to far from the coast, or a house in either Tsarevo or Ahtopol.
    Maurice Douglas

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