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in Bulgarian: Шкорпиловци, also known as: Get directions

The village of Shkorpilovtsi is a resort settlement, located 35 km south of Varna. It is exceptionally peaceful and attractive place for relaxation, offering a vast beach, mineral springs, coniferous and oak-tree forests.

The town is named after two Czech brothers who were instrumental in bringing their expertise to advance Bulgarian archaeology in the late 19th century. Their work helped form the foundation for the Varna archaeological museum. Specializing in medieval Bulgarian archaeology, one of the brothers is buried at the medieval kingdom of Pliska.

In close proximity to the village is the Longoza reserve for rare plant and animal species. From the north to the south the locality is surrounded by two branches of the Shkorpilovska river, flowing into the Black Sea.

Here is also Cherni Cape (Karaborun), which rises 80 meters high and it is the northernmost point of the Balkan Mountain at the place where it reaches the Black Sea.

The resort village offers hotels, holiday stations, villas, bungalows, as well as cosy private apartments.




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    By Graham Parker||

    I am English. My wife and I recently visited Bulgaria looking for either property or land. We spent several days with a guide looking at various places on or near the coast. A lot of the tourist places we found to be overcrowded that is until on the last day we found Shkorpilovtsi. The beach is stunning and although there are some run down chalets close to the beach the potential of the are is enourmous. I was told there is a 5 to 10 year plan for this area with care being taken not to let it be over developed. On our way out we met up with a local who after much discussion with our guide showed us several plots of land that were for sale at well below market value. We have bought a area of land at the back of the nearby village which overlooks the village and has great views to the sea and mountains. We intend to divide the land and build a few villas for oursleves and others.

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    By S Meddings||

    I am English, and I have just returned from Bulgaria to look for a holiday property, and was ready to return home throughly depressed, thinking I had been conned into thinking I could buy an inexpensive holiday home on the Black Sea coast.
    My last stop, within hours of leaving for home was Shkorpilovtsi. How I cheered up!
    This is the most unspoilt, undeveloped beautiful beach I have seen for a long time.
    Ok, it has a couple of run down camping sites, but the majority of these people are poor farming people and cannot afford our prices - they need holidays too, and it is their country.
    It is surrounded by farming land with a small local village, there are one or two hotels (Eskana actually looked quite nice, but it was closed for until summer season starts in May), and there is another right on the beach.
    It also has the Kamchia National Park, which means it will never be a really built up area.
    This is not a typical 'tourist' resort - but for me that is a bonus.
    If you want a lively resort, go to Golden Sands, if you want a peaceful 'chill out' holiday in tranqil surroundings with wonderful beach, try this.
    I have purchased a small plot of land here for my retirement home!

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    By gail foster||

    I am english and have not long come back from bulgaria looking for a holiday home. I was staying in Albena and was looking just inland for property, and I was gutted. Alot of the villages around there look like they have been in the a war, everything was falling down. Even if you found something with potential ( and I did) the next door neighbours look like a scrap yard, Half the gardens are used for growing food and they tend these gardens with passion but the other half has nothing but rubbish in it.
    But if you follow the road inland from shkorpilovtsi it is a very different matter, villages are rustic but are looked after alot better. I have finally brought a little shack of three rooms (they dont live like us) even though I plan to knock it down and rebuild. the area is beautiful and peaceful and we have the most fantastic lake that runs for about 15km on the doorstep. The point of this essay is where ever you go there will be some terrible places you just have to go where others dont to find something your looking for. Shkorpilovtsi is a beautiful area and I am sure in the next 5yrs there will be alot more there as the other resorts will start to spread.

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