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in Bulgarian: Крапец, also known as: Krapetc Get directions

Fifteen kilometres from Shabla to the northeast is the small fishing village of Krapec and a campground of the same name two kilometres further north at the end of an access road that hugs the coast.

The campground, a well-kept complex of bungalows and villas set amidst a wooded area (which provides protection from the strong winds which beset the region), is fifty meters from the largest and finest beach to be found north of Albena.




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    By nasko||

    krapec is the nicest place on earth!!!i love it!!

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  • E
    By elaine||

    Just back from Krapec last week we were the only people on the beautiful long sandy beach idyllic.

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  • C
    By CuCut0||

    this is one marvel, this is wonderful place. There i`m growing-up. Always i wait impatiently when it`s getting on for summer. I have unforgettable memories of Krapec. Who hadn`t visited Krapec don`t know what he lose. It is not to be missed, it is a must. I`m lovin` it !!!

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  • L
    By Lubo||

    The old school varna windsurfers used to go there a lot, very nice idyllic place and more wind than most of the Bulgarian shore. In those times there were very few amenities, hope it is better now. Go visit the "North Shore" of Bulgaria, it is very beautiful!

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