Monte Cristo

Hotel in Nessebar, Bulgaria

Excellent4 Reviews4.8/5

Monte Cristo Hotel

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  • R
    By roberta||

    I was not a guest this year , but once, in the future , maybe next year , I'll be. Very nice hotel, exellent, very kind staff,the most beautiful in old Nessebar.

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  • A
    By andrzej tomaszek||

    Very nice htl with excellent restaurant.

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  • R
    By Roar Michalsen||

    Nice, clean hotel. Exellent restaurant. Very nice and kind staff.
    Brit & Roar, Norway.

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  • H
    By Henrik Olesen, Denmark||

    This hotel are the best in the beautifull old town of Nessebur. We can only recommend this Hotel, the staff, the rooms - the toilets are very very nice.
    The food are also very good.
    Just go there, you will not forget this place...
    Kindly regards
    Henrik Olesen

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