Mistral I

Hotel in Nessebar, Bulgaria

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Mistral I Hotel

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    By Gordon Brandie||

    We have just returned from the hotel Mistral after a very enjoyable two weeks. Staff were very friendly, and the room, though fairly basic, was clean, and cleaned every day. We also found the seagulls to be a very noisy distraction, especially at night. Our room was at the back of the hotel which was probably just as well, as we didn't realise the outdoor cafe served food all night, so I imagine rooms at the front could be noisy. Food was good though. We would certainly recommend Bulgaria as a sunshine beach holiday, with food and drink cheap, but for us there was not enough in the way of sightseeing to do. We hired a car for a week to see the countryside which is lovely, and petrol at 50p per litre makes motoring a pleasure, which is more than can be said for the Bulgarian drivers, who seem to have a death wish, but we survived. All in all, a very enjoyable holiday.

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  • K
    By Kathy Hall||

    We stayed at this hotel in August 2002.
    Had a fabulous holiday. Room large. Cleaning staff lovely and helpful when we had a day of flash floods and rain came in through verandah. (We were on top floor) Other guests great and friendly. We are going back to Nessebur this summer but are staying in Hotel Victoria in the old town this time. Can't wait to go.

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  • A
    By aileen and billy wilkie||

    We have just returned from a weeks stay at the Hotel Mistral. ALthought the rooms were basic they were spotless and they were cleaned daily. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The food was very good and the drink cheapand plentiful. We were seperated from the commercalism of Sunny Beach and would return to nessebar and the Hotel Mistral without any hesitation.

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    By Janet Brady||

    Just returned from our holiday in the Mistral. The staff were very friendly and very helpful. Food was good, rooms basic but very clean, maid service daily. The air conditioning was great and very quiet. Our only complaint was the noise from the seagulls, who squawked continually from morning to night. I had to buy a pair of earplugs so that I could get a decent nights sleep. We met some great people while staying in the hotel and a very nice holiday. Next time I visit Nessebur I will stay in the old town which was very picturesque with lots of good eating places. The best meals we had were in Alex's place just round the corner from the Mistral and the Old Anchor in old Nessebur. It was 15 years since we visited Bulgaria and what a transformation, Sunny Beach is very busy and we got plagued with touts trying to get us into their restaurants, that is why I am glad that we chose Nessebur for our visit this time.

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