Cherno more

Hotel in Varna, Bulgaria

Excellent4 Reviews4.8/5

Cherno more Hotel

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  • J
    By J.Morris||

    Rooms some what sparten, service good, very pleasant people, excellent location, walking distance, excellent shopping close by.

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  • G
    By graham & susan stevenson||

    stayed overnight after arriving and before leaving through Varna airport autumn '04. Superb location (views and close to central facilities) and really good value

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  • J
    By joseph ghadban||

    i'm joseph a hair dresser from lebanon, i stay for 10 nights in this hotel , beautiful and comfortable , the heart of varna i can describe , peoples pleasant and hospitaliers , go to varna , go to the majic city.

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  • S
    By Silvia||

    Perfect location, cheap, beautiful view, nice restaurant on the 14th and cocktail bar on the 15th floor, with view of the sea.

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