Hotel in Primorsko, Bulgaria

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Bisser Hotel

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    By Mr & Mrs Alan Goode||

    We thought this hotel was superb. Rooms basic but very clean. First impressions not good, but the friendly and helpful staff more than make up for lack of luxuries. The hotel is set amongst a forest and cannot be seen from the beach. The choice of food for all meals were top notch. Less than five minute walk to a beautiful ten kilometre clean beach and sand dunes. A short walk into Primorsko along the beach or road, will be rewarded with a view of a fine small fishing harbour. The town has a good little market with souveniour stalls also sports clothing and many other items at bargain prices. Our second visit to Bulgaria we were sent to a resort near Sunny Beach, this was a late booking, we asked to be transferred to the Hotel Biser which they agreed to do. The staff remembered us and made us very welcome again. We would gladly go back anytime.

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