Holiday village in Elenite, Bulgaria

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Eleni Holiday village

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  • N
    By nick van den bosch||

    i am 17 years old and belgian
    the fact that i didn't get dutch animation didn't bother for me because i know some languages.
    but i must say that i have very much enjoyed the beachvolleyball and the waterball!!
    congrats animation
    bogo daria!!!!

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  • V
    By venetia||

    stayed there june 2004, 1st impressions not so good, 1st day change of heart, very nice, clean, food medioka for a 3* ! Didnt like the arena v hot and v buzy, but ther are other places to drink and relax on site. Lovly beach, pool, views, people run the place down, in my opinion if the weathers bad they get board, i liked the complex and bulgaria.
    Make sure you eat b4 going to airport no cafe in departures only bar, crisps, marsbars.

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  • H
    By harriet templer||

    elenite holiday village is the best place i have ever ever been to. The animation team is great and entertainment is amazing nd all in all it is an amazing beautiful place from myself a teenagers oint of view m mums point of view ad my litle brothers point of view.

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  • M
    By Michael||

    Pretty good for a family resort. We stayed last year (August 2005) for a very reasonable price. Good food. Not suitable for young couples or teens.
    This year the price has almost doubled for the same accommodation. Can't afford. Will be looking for something more reasonably priced. Please do not forget it is still in Bulgaria and not at the French Riviera.
    Michael K.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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    By harriet||

    I loved elenite holiday village. It wasnt as good as last year, but that was because the weather was not so good! The food was lovely, very healthy, and escpecially nice in the elenite restaurant in which you have to book into, pork, lamb, beef, the works!! What also made it worse was that the english first choice have joined, when i went last year it was only bulgarian entertainers and it was much better. The shows with the bulgarian animation team were fantastic, they were amazingly choreographed and very entertaining on the other hand the english entertainment was quite poor, it was a really bad example of how the british act. Silly games like filling your mouth with marshmellows and saying fluffy bunny, laying on top of men you dont even know. If i wanted that of course i would have gone to Butlins. Does anyone who has commented on this website speak bulgarian???   I dint think so.   The male bulgarian animators where complete gentlemen and sat and drank with us a few of the nights and the women where also very polite. They were very educated and if there english was not as good they could either speak german or french fluently!!
    When we where having tea at the royal bay hotel we did not leave our seats for the waiters served us constantly!
    It was so good, i will be going back next year! And i loved the bulgarian animators so much i am keeping in touch with them!
    So if you want to find enlish reps every where go on holiday to ibiza or go to butlins, but as far as i can see this place was ruined when the english animators arrived. Apart from funky Phill he was great!!

    Again, if you look down at the reports from 2003, they are very good and most people were very pleased with there stay! that was when the english animators where not there, and all of a sudden 2004 comes along and there are bad reports, i find this funny cos this is when the english animators started working there!!
    I would recomend it !!!!!!!
    Have fun

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