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in Bulgarian: Евсиновград, also known as: Get directions

Evksinograd - a small palace in the vicinity of Varna built for a summer residence of Knyaz Alexander of Battenberg, later used by tsars Ferdinand and Boris III, nowadays - a residence of the government. The construction, started in 1886, the accomplished with the participation of the Viennese architect Rumpelmeyer, the Swiss architect H. Meyer and architect N. Lazarov.

The architectural design reminds of the French 18th-century palaces. The building is situated amidst a beautiful park with rare exotic plants.




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    By Muncho||

    When I first arrived in Bulgaria, in the early eighties, the name Evksinovgrad conjured the images of wonderful vineyards, as the premium wine -- but difficult to attain -- was those bottles from Evksinovgrad. You could later buy them to outrageous prices at the Sheraton (Hotel Balkan), or if you were lucky be offered a glass at official receptions.

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