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in Bulgarian: Чайка, also known as: Get directions

Chaika Resort is situated between the resorts Sunny Day and Golden Sands - central complex, at 10 km away from the center of the sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna.

There is a direct bus connection to Varna (15min to the center) and with Golden Sands - center (5 minutes).

This is a quiet and calm area, very green and with mineral sources. Most important: the prices of the hotels and of the services in the whole infrastructure of the zone are at least twice lower than those in the complex Golden Sands.

The hotels, which are situated here, offer different services. We could speak for complex services, as every tourist could use all of them.

This zone has one of the best beaches, with clean crystal water and flat sand bottom. There are all kinds of water sports - jet, banana, water bike, parachute, delta planers, etc. There are lots of family restaurants, which offer the best of the Bulgarian cuisine at low prices.




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    By Macko||

    Nice and calm place with not so much tourists, small hotels and many villas. The beach is good but not so clean. It is close to Golden Sands and most of the tourists spend their time in the resort and just sleep in Chaika.

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    By Aleksandar Bracko||

    I had really great time there, all locals was very kind, friendly and hospitable, that i will never forget, and will back for sure. My brother and his girlfriend was in hotel Atlantic,and they had great time also. Only problem i had there was with street dogs, that was very agresive, but as i heard, that`s problem is solved. Greatings Bulgaria:)

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