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Golden sands, Bulgaria


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Pliska Hotel

Situated a short stroll from the resort centre, the hotel has a wonderful outdoor and indoor swimming pool, and is a host of other facilities that will delight all of our guests.

FACILITIES: Restaurant • Lobby bar • TV lounge • Barbeque garden • Outdoor and indoor swimming pools • Poolside bar • Shop • Karaoke bar • Nightclub • Sauna • Massage • Jacuzzi • Safety deposit box at reception • Exchange desk • Entertainment programme Free use of indoor and outdoor swimming pool, poolside sunbeds and parasols, all other facilities may be subject to a local charge.


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Bill Waites | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful me and my sister stayed in the kalaraki hotel in June 2003.
it was a 20 minute walk up to near the pliska hotel which is near bonkers night club.
i was pissed off i had to walk to far to get hookers.
they charged 40 levs 'a go' when we were there, which is cheaper than anyone here in Tonbridge.
i never bothered to ask their ages so i cannot really comment.
but if you are single man, it's a good laugh..

who cares ?
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luke | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful ive been to bulgaria 6 times now 3 times to sunny beach and 3 times to golden sands and ive stopped in all kinds of hotels and the pliska has to be the best. people have mentioned the prostitutes i went on 19th june for 1 week and while i was there the receptionist banned all prostitutes the hotel is perfect there is so much to do and the night life is brilliant the pool is warm and is open till 9.00 also this hotel has an indoor pool massage and sauna the food is brilliant very cheap and there are LOTS of english to talk to the rooms are brilliant and also big the family rooms have massive balconies and great ([+]view more) beds the cleaners are in every morning around 11.00 the bar staff are also very very friendly the hotel is situated in one of the best places in golden sands not to noisy but good nightlife i recommend this hotel to anyone and CERTAINLY will be returning next year. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Caroline | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful : Just arrived back from two weeks at the Pliska. I have to say when we first arrived we where very happy to have been allocated there (Allocation on arrival). The pool was lovely, indoor pool with sauna and massage etc.. and everything was lovely and clean. Our room was basic but what more do you want. It was our first time in Bulgaria and the first thing that shocked me was how blatant the prostitutes are. I have been to many places in the world and I have never seen anything so bad in my whole life. They where physically groping men in the street. This goes for other people that I spoke to in the resort who ([+]view more) where just as shocked. The sad thing being they where all very young some as young as 14/15. The strange thing we noticed straight away about the resort is the groups of middle aged and older German men. After two day's, and realising how big the sex trade is in the resort, it did not take a rocket scientist to work out why all these groups of old german men where there. That's when our problems started with the Pliska. It is a multi national hotel. But I dont know whether it was the time of year or what, but it was mostly german (MEN). Who spent most of the day shouting and singing whilst drunk around the pool. So much so, that families with children felt uncomfortable and took them to neighbouring pool's or to the beach. And at night they spent most of the time shouting and singing whilst drunk as well. This is when we realised that the pliska was being used as a brothel at night. The prostitutes are able to pay for a room by the hour or twenty minutes as most of them used. They walked into reception, paid the fee and a maid is on hand 24 hours who, then goes in after them and cleans the room. It was more disturbing than anything else. Because it was mostly the german men who where going with them. And it would not be wrong to say some of them would have had granddaughters older than these poor girls. As a result, this ruined our time at the pliska. We and some others refused to use the pool (You didnt know what you might have caught from it) and I later found out. That the waitresses also provided services much cheaper than the working girls on the streets. All in all Golden Sands would have been nice, if the prostitutes where controlled. (let's face it they are everywhere in the world- but if they where kept to properly run establishments it would have been better). Sunny Beach as a result was more suitable for families (we hired a car and spent two days and a night there) Even though it is not advertised that way. There are no prostitutes roaming the streets. I would certainly recommend the Pliska if you are single, German and over 50 and looking for cheap sex. We will go back to Bulgaria to Nessebar as the people are lovely and the countryside is beautiful. But we will never go to Golden Sands again and would not recommend the pliska to anyone. Also, the cockroaches in the room made for a few sleepless nights. I hope this does not put you off Bulgaria. But I think advertising Golden Sands as a family resort is anything but true, and very unfair to people who ended up in our hotel through choice rather than being allocated as we where. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Ann Crowder | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Me, family and friends (a party of 18) returned from Golden Sands on the 25th August after a two week stay at the Pliska Hotel. We were very apprehensive about staying there after some of the comments we read on the internet about the Hotel. Me and my family have been going to Golden Sands on and off for the past 12 years and have always stayed down on the beach front in the past. I must say we found the staff to be very friendly. Hotel and pool were very clean. Only complaint was that the rooms were quite small although really this was not a big problem as you only really got ready and slept there. There are ([+]view more) prostitutes up near the nightclubs but we found that they never bothered us unless one of our husbands were walking by themselves and even then they immediately walked away upon realising they were with someone. Food in the Hotel was okay. We were half board and there were three choices of menu on a night although for some reason in the second week we could not mix and match from each menu which we had done earlier. I do not see what the problem with this was as obviously the ingredients were there to make such meals. The bar staff at the pool side bar during the day and night were great. Night time barman - ask Michael to show you top banana, quite clever. I would probably stay at this Hotel again. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No M McCormick | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Just had 2 great weeks at this hotel. All staff very friendly, Big thanks to the 2 Micks and George also Boris for making this a very enjoyable holiday. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No To view all reviews/comments please visit page with all Pliska Hotel reviews.