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Albena, Bulgaria

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Moira Anne | 1 out of 2 found this review helpful I stayed at Vita Park Hotel in June 2012 on an All Inclusive Basis, as there were 3 of us we opted for an apartment. The facilities were basic, but clean (Hairdryer, small tv & kettle included). The food was very good with lots of choice. You are holidaying in Bulgaria at a hotel with a multi international clients, so do not assume that you will get British style food (pizza & chips)every night! There is plenty of food and drink available until 2am (and not just local spirits). There is a free mini bus to the beach every half hour and a beach bar & restuarant at the beach for all inclusive guests. Remember, this is a 3 Star Hotel at 3 Star Prices - dont expect 4 or 5 ([+]view more) star luxury and you wont be disappointed. We all had a great time and have booked to go again this year. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Derek & Pam | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Went to the Vita Park from 09.07 to 19.07 a family with a child 6 yo. Hotel were very pleased, especially food and lodging at the villa, where there were 2 rooms, kitchen, 3 balconies, all around the park, greenery, birds in the morning, fresh air and silence. Nutrition, comparing hotels where we were in Turkey and Egypt, just excellent! UltraAI - is what we need for the family: Dad - tequila, beer, meat and excellent selection of appetizers, my mother-vegetables, bannitsa, tarator, chicken, cocktails, daughter-fruit, ice cream, desserts, crepes with chocolate, Pepsi, pizza, potatoes. Good pool with water slides, an opportunity to visit the nearby hotels Ralitsa Superior, ([+]view more) Ralitsa and Kom, where plenty of entertainment and evening program. Free shuttle to the sea directly from the restaurant, sun beds and umbrellas free of charge, in the morning by the sea did not take, and after dinner is free and the sun is not so hot. Excellent bar on the beach, everything is tasty and convenient, a playground with swings on the beach, the beach is very large and clean. For child has a kids club, painted their faces, was a masquerade, but is not actively trying, disco for kids. Near to the hotel bus, drove a taxi in Balchik, were in a botanical garden, there are cheaper gifts. Recommended this hotel for a quiet family holiday. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No leah | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful i have been to vitapark hotel and the bar men at reception we great. There was nothing for the bits to do it was all german some staff are rude but not all the maids where nice. an the taxi drives where very frendly. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Sarah Young | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful We came back from Bulgaria aprox 1 week ago. We stayed in a family room at the Vita park, the room was amazing the hotel was clean, the staff were helpful, the entertainment was in german but if you went to the ralista which was part of the complex you could watch the shows etc in english, the complex had 4 pools to use that were cleaned regularly. The entertainment team ws top class Rob and I spent many a night in the hotels bars singing away. we loved it that much we want to return next year!! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No andrea | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful we have just arrived back from this hotel if you are not german dont go everything is for german tourists not brits all entertainment in german the food same always the bar staff were great i have to say we had to change rooms cos our room was soaked with damp our youngest had a terrible chest while we had to stay in the damp room til 1 became available. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No jayne Norton | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful We have just returned from Vita Park Hotel and were not dissapointed with the very clean rooms and maid service. The reception staff were quite ignorant and unless you spoke german you had to go out every night for entertainment which is not fair as we were all inclusive. Our rep was not very forthcoming and we thougth it would be very boring for children. I don't think we will go backthere in a hurry other parts of the world are far more friendly. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No LM | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful After having worked one complete year, we found it good to visit Bulgaria, and to book in Ralitsa hotel ... 3 days before departure, we were advised that we had to move to Vita Park, and that we had no choice to decline ... anyway, arrived a Vita Park, from day to day, we were getting sick having spent our money for holidays in Germany, and not Bulgaria. All hotel facilities are made for German people. I am trilingual (English-French-Dutch), and it didn't help me at all, because everybody speaks German. Kids club : german, night show : german, animation : german.
Even when you ask something to the MANAGER of the hotel, you don't go anywhere if you don't speak German. ([+]view more) For those who planned to go there, I would advise you not to stay in Vita park, Ralitsa was very GREAT. Anyway for me, Bulgaria was first and VERY LAST TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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fortel e | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful vita park hotel n est pas du tout indique pour passer des vacances en famille ,sauf si vous etes allemand, lesquels sortis de leur pays se comprtent comme des porc.Cet hotel est depourvu de rigueur à partir du moment ou vous etes germanique. si vous voulez passer 15 jours à ne pas dormir allez y,car de toutes les façon la reception vous rigolera au nez! JE VAIS M' ARRETER LA CAR IL Y A TROP DE CHOSES A DIRE ET JE PENSES QUE JE N'AURAIS PAS ASSEZ DE TEMPS ET DE PLACES POUR TOUT DEVOILER. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No KAREN BAILEY | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful This holiday was really brill. we were there in june and the hotel was very clean, with rooms cleaned every day. Yes most of the entertainment was for the germans but we still had a brill holiday. The food wasnt 100% but no complaints from us there was plenty to choose from. The staff were very friendly and rep was a star. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No marc w | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful food same food different sauce. entertainment - german. hotel - clean. staff - helpfull(most of the time). pool - my son cut his feet on broken tiles i tore my shorts. albena town great, top market, pubs, food. over all good shopping holiday for younger couples(steep climb to hotel). no good for children(english) Was this review helpful to you? Yes No jacky ramsay | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful the worst hotel i have stayed in if you are not german i advice brits to go else where have just returned october .all entertainmeent geared towards germans. the rooms were clean and maids were very plesant managment need to take lessons in manners and how to speak to custoomers .food horrible nothing there for british children all for germans. resort nice plenty bars lovely beaches. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No art_sun | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful This was one of the best vacations we ever had - stayed at the Hotel . com , which is the partner hotel in front of Vita Park - and it was really pleasant. Good animation evenings, goog daily programme and nice sport crew in both hotels. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Lisa Hall | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful We have just returned from a week at Hotel Vita Park in Albena and I would NOT recommend it to anyone who isn't German! Although the staff are very friendly and the hotel is very clean, the food is atrocious and everything is geared towards the millions of Germans that stay there. We paid all inclusive but ended up spending an extra £200 on eating out as the food in the restaurant was inedible, luckily ebough the resort is cheap enough to eat out every night. There is no entertainment for the british at the hotel and we spent our night away from the hotel at the bars in the resort. I would advise anyone who has booked a holiday here to cancel and book somewhere else ([+]view more) in Bulgaria, as self catering, as the food away from the hotel is fantastic. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No tracey dawson | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful A party of 10 of us visited the hotel vita park in albena this august.The rooms were lovely and clean and the maids did a great job even making swans with towels and fans with our tea shirts. The rest of the staff were so so, pleastant enough but not over friendly. all the entertainment was geared towards the Germans which made life boring for the few Brits who were there. The biggest down fall of our holiday was the food, it was very repetative, and unless you got to dinner at dead on 6 would be lucky to get anything but scraps the other guest didn,t want. Over half of us ended up with upset stomachs. Although we were all inclusive we spent most of our money on eatin ([+]view more) and drinking out. (the drinks in the hotel were watered down the coke was almost clear at times) on the plus side the resort was ok with plenty to do and some good bars and resturants. If visiting albena and your british i would advise a different hotel. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No lyndsay | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful I have just returned from bulgaria along with 38 other members of my family. Vita Park was a great holiday, the workers were very freindly, I.E Julanna, Peter and all the entertainers. There wasnt much entertainment in the hotel for english people but it was watchable. The local bar Tropical cafe is a great bar with the best live band i have heard ever. The hotel is very clean especially the hotel rooms, the maids do a great job, and are very very freindly. Vita Park is a multi cultural hotel, but this is no problem, i made quite alot of freinds there, Germans, Polish and Swedish and also english. This hotel is good for all age ranges'. From my point of veiw i would tellanybody to stay at this hotel. I will be returning again next july. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Fredrik Wennerstrand | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful I liked this hotel very much! Clean and good rooms, I was here with my football team and got impressed by this place! Thank you Vita Park! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No TD | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful MY FAMILY STAYED AT VITA PARK JUNE 2004,AND HAD A GOOD HOLIDAY. THE HOTEL WAS VERY CLEAN , WELL PRESENTED, STAFF FRIENDLY , POOLS CLEAN & SAFE ( LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY) FOOD GOOD. THE ONLY DOWN SIDE WAS THAT ALL ENTERTAINMENT WAS IN GERMAN IT WAS NOT A PROBLEM TO US . IT WOULD BE GOOD IF THE CHILDRENS CLUB WAS MULTI LINGUAL. THE ACTUAL ENTERTAINMENTS STAFF DID A BRILL JOB AND PUT ON SOME GOOD SHOWS WHICH WE WATCHED EVEN IF THEY WERE IN GERMAN. AMUST IS A VISIT TO THE NEW WATER PARK IN GOLDEN SANDS. IF YOU WANT TO GET OUT AT NIGHT GO TO THE POCCO LOCCO ( DANCING WAITERS) OR TROPICAL CAFE TO SEE ELVIS. WE WOULD VISIT BULGARIA AGAIN IN THE FUTURE. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Lorraine | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful We stayed in May 2004. The hotel is fabulous, very clean with excellent staff throughout. The lobby bar staff were absolutely brilliant and great fun, all three spoke excellent English as well as French and German. Lots of German holiday makers, things were a bit fraught at first but we soon got the better of them. Restaurant was clean, staff superb, food a bit repetetive and occasionally some items not properly cooked, lots of pasta though, lovely salads, choice of around 14 different types of bread, various fruit juices, fizzy drinks etc, chicken, burgers, sausages, bacon, veal, weird stews...... Pools very clean, lots of sunbeds, occasionally not enough space to put ([+]view more) them beside the pool but there were plenty of nearby grass areas to use. The odd dog around the complex but never indoors and they were never a nuisance. No evening entertainement but we made out own and had a fabulous stay. We would not hesitate to go back. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Gary Crosthwaite | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful myself and two children along with my mother stayed for the first two weeks in may 2003 and found the hotel very clean and good food entertainment although was german orientated included several nights in english kids club did cater for mainly german children but were never excluded from going pool area very good needed to get early to secure loungers good sports facilities and found the staff to be very friendly would not hesitate to go back the albena resort during the day is family friendly market place, restaurants etc but at night prostitutes along main street not good for small children to witness. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No d oldacre | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful We went to the hotel vita park in august 2003, this was the 1st time we have ever had an holiday which was all inclusive we thought that it would have been a bit more relaxing, how stupid were we. The first morning we got up we were amazed to find not one sunbed to be seen with out a towel on it, so we all went down to the pool and sat on the chairs by the bar. Come ten oclock it was just like a disco the speakers were that loud it was deafing, all the reps around the edge of the pool singing and dancing, this was the normal thing every day even sunday did not get one day without it if you were german you could join in if not you would not ahave a clue, you had to set ([+]view more) your alarm for 7am if you wanted to save a sunbed and the germans would not help you to get a bed of the stacks which sometimes were as high as 20 beds on top of each other, the kids club is not suitable for english children, went to watch the show one evening and even that was all in german, the bar staff were rude but towards the end of our stay they were getting better, the food was horrible, nothing that i could say we enjoyed, we were so ill for at least 4 days of our holiday and i'm sure it was the food .the pool was a disgrace with broken tiles and very cloudy, they do not clean it very good, the hotel rooms are very clean but small that was the best bit of the whole holiday that the room was clean would never visit this hotel again and i can only say from my point of view do no visit this hotel. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No d oldacre | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful THIS HOTEL IS REALLY NICE, CLEAN AND THE BAR STAFF WERE REALLY PLEASENT, THE FOOD WAS NOT GOOD, THE POOL NEEDS ATTENTION SO BEWARE OF BROKEN TILES. IF YOU ARE GERMAN YOU WILL FIT IN THIS HOTEL BUT IF YOU ARE ENGLISH YOU WILL FIND IT VERY HARD. ALL ENTERTAINMENT WAS ALL IN GERMAN ALSO KIDS CLUB WAS NOT SUITABLE FOR ENGLISH CHILDREN THEY DO NOT BRING YOU IN ON ANYTHING UNLESS YOU ARE GERMAN. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Glynn | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful I visited this hotel for two weeks in September 2002. I found the hotel very clean and tidy throughout my stay. I am saddened by the other comments raised by holiday makers this year, because we were the "trial" season and all comments would supposedly be duly considered before the 2003 season. A significant number of complaints were passed to our rep by almost every guest and We can confirm that wild dogs, cats and birds in the dining area would be addressed and appear not to have been. The poor facilities in the event of bad weather would be reviewed to stop hundreds from having to cram into the foyer for up to a week!, this has not been reviewed. The poor childrens ([+]view more) club facilities have not been improved. The food was repetitive, cold and at times unhygenic and unhealthy, this is an usual comment for me because I will try anything anywhere at least once. Apparently, the food was so poor and so many people were ill that "chefs" were flown out for a few days before we arrived. When we arrived the food was great but deteriorated on a daily basis as the new routine faded and returned to the old! Very many people had severe stomach upsets (vomiting and diarrhoea often without warning!) over the holiday period which was attributed to a "virus". Over the holiday period only two individuals on the entire coach of 70 people had missed the illness.
I speak pidgeon german and found the germans to be of a similar opinion to ourselves in most respects and found them to be generally very warm and sociable.
My wife had many problems with ignorant bar staff, but I did not, probably because their english is poorer than my severely limited German.

In summary, I generally found that the place is clean and tidy and the evening entertainment limited but fantastic, the resort beautiful. The hotel is undoubtedly German orientated, the food was appalling to all nationalities, with public and serving areas severely limited and unbearable in poor weather.
My advice is don't book this hotel if you expect a typical all inclusive mediterreanean complex. If you already have, don't worry, use the money you saved going elsewhere and leave the hotel on a regular basis and enjoy what the bulgarians have to offer. The Vita park is severely limted compared to elsewhere but is situated in a beautiful resort and beautiful country with beautiful people that is inexpensive to explore.
Don't waste your time complaining because it can clearly be seen that after 2 years of brits, the hotel, your rep and your tour operator will nod at complaints and will not do anything about it.
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saunders | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful went to vita park in september 2003 , the hotel itself is pretty good , nice rooms with great little bathrooms, and they keep it really clean 24/7. the facilities round the hotel are good too , football pitch , volleyball ,etc. - one problem - english do not appear to be invited to join in!try to get a sun lounger at the poolside and you better get up early , cos come 8.30, all gone, and if you manage to get one, you got to leave your towel on it all day. we found the bar-staff to be more than a little ignorant most of the time , maybe we were paranoid, but unless you can talk german, you might as well stand at the back of the queue all night. make sure you find out where ([+]view more) the shops are to keep the kids happy, because unless the "chefs" have been to catering classes, you will be eating out. veal stew, veal cutlets, liver and veal, in fact veal in every kind of "gravy" or sauce you can imagine. british tastes are definately not on the menu. i know it aint britain and you got to try, but come on, i at least expect my food to be properly cooked, and occasionally find some kind of food that a small child will like. no sign of a proper sausage, burger, etc. here. the highlight of our 2-weeks food wise was a macdonalds in golden sands! (which incidentally is abigger, and from what we saw of it, abetter resort than albena, if only for abig mac!) albena IS a nice resort, but once youve had a good walk round, it seems to get smaller and smaller! cracking beach though , great for the kids, nice shallow crystal clear water. unfotunately it pissed down for at least half of our holiday, which sent us all crackers, cos we had nothing to do at the hotel , kids club was german, vita park evening entertainment german, hotel ralitsa across the way was 3 languages, but hang on! we didnt expect tto have to go to another hotel to see entertainment outside! so all in all, nice rooms, clean place, shit food, shit staff, useless first choice reps, crap for kids, crap for adults, forget it. has it put us off bulgaria? only until they learn to that when we go on holiday, we dont want to have anything to complain about! smarten up bulgaria, and wake up first choice - not good enough! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Helen.H | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Well where do I start I and my family visited vita park on 11/09/03 for 2 wks our first impression of the hotel was very good but that was soon to change, the rooms were fine bell boys were very helpfull, bar staff well theres a different story they were very rude, ignorant and very unpleasent I went to the bar to ask for two cola's and they repeated what I said between them and were laughing at me I felt so embarassed I walked away I did not approach the bar again the rest of the holiday. The food was unbearable to look at after a few days there was birds flying oround the restaurant, ther was one day a tray of cakes were droped on the floor and picked up and put back ([+]view more) on the tray for people to eat I couldn't believe my eyes when you see that you wonder what else is going on. There was nothing for the kids to do one hours entertainment a night which I must say was to a very high standard even though it was in all languages, this taken place in the sister hotel relitsa and not the vita park. The pool was clean and the kids enjoyed the slides, but when it was raining and to cold to go in the pool there was absolutly nothing for them todo. My advise to anyone thinking about going to vita park seriously think again I personally have been put of going on holiday again I still get upset talking about it. I wanted to go home after a few days of arriving and come home more stressed than I went. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No kirsty blair | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful i went to albena in september 2003 i stayed in the hotel vita park!! i was supposed to be staying in the hotel ralitsa which the hotel vita park shares with! i went with a party of nine people and there was three children. I stayed in hotel com for the first four days and then we moved into the hotel vita park for ten days anyway we got there to hotel Vita Park and the hotel was really clean and tidy and the rooms were brilliant the weather was also nice!! We went downstairs to get a drink and the barstaff ere very ignorant and they just gave us our drinks and carried onsreving everybody else. the majority of the hotel wa german. There was about 20 percent englis hich ([+]view more) had also been moved hotels with us! We wnet for our tea and we walked into the hotel we walked around and found flys in the soup and the food was german and there was birds flying around the resturaunt!! All they served ws spicy sausages and veal in all sauces.
The weather was also rubbish it rained for ten days solid and the hotel stairs were very slippy and were a danger to the children in the hotel we just couldnt wait to get home it was a very rubbish holiday and we wouldnt go again so if you are english i would advise you to go to golden sands because it more for the english and it has a nicer beach!!
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Mark Unsworth | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful We went to the Vita park in September 2003 and unlike Sarah who post on this page, found it very different, the Hotel was clean and tidy and the reception staff very helpful. The Bar stafF in reception Nikolai, Evo and Pavlina work very hard and long hours, And when I approached the bar every morning the staff always had my cup of tea ready. I never really bothered with the entertainment as I am the type that likes to get out of the hotel and see what else the resort has to offer, despite being on an all inclusive package. My 2 four year old daughters loved their holiday. I booked with Balkan holidays and everything was explained at the welcome meeting and any problems ([+]view more) dealt with quickly.
We had sunny weather thye whole 2 weeks but had heard it had rained constantly the week before we arrived. The Germans I encountered were friendly and tried to make conversation. between my pigeon german and their limited English we managed to make friends with Kirsteen and Sven from Berlin. and got very drunk one night on schnapps and wine in our hotel room untill 4am. The only real problem I had here was with the stupid English people that kept commenting on the food, stating its not like Spain.."You can get English food in Spain". My retort to this was well go to Spain next time. I hate Spain and the type of English people that go there are usually lager louts and people who really want England in the sun.  These people should sit an exam before being given a British passport as they are really embarrassing to other Brits
My to anyone visiting Bulgaria from the UK is if you want to try something different visit Bulgaria and go with an open mind. research the country before you go and you will enjoy it better. If you want more of Spain or Greece dont go to Bulgaria. I loved it and will go again one day. Thanks to all the staff for a great holiday at the Vita park
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Sarah | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful If you have booked to go to Hotel Vita Park and you are British I would cancel the holiday. The hotel only caters for the German guests. The food is all German which is total stinking Veal floating in all different kinds of sauce lunch and dinner I was booked with a party of 8 and we all were sick I found a fly in my 3 year old daughters soup. The entertainment for the British is only for 1 hour a night and it is in 3 different languages. The german entertainment is on for about 2 hours which is behind the pool. There is no kids club for the British but the German kids have a club wich they seemed to enjoy. There was 4 kids in our party and they were bored for the fortnight. ([+]view more) The hotel looks clean but our room had green mould around the patio door. We went in September 2003 and it rained sold for a week and the patio door leaked and soaked a bed which the hotel staff done nothing about. We went with First Choice and the rep was about as much use as wet matches. The bar staffs manner was absolutely shocking they were totaly ignorant to the Brits. In the hotel it is about 80% German. To get to the hotel resturant you have to come out Vita Park and go across the road to another hotel the Ralista to get your meals and in the rain you end up eating you dinner soaking wet. Our second week was lovely weather but we were all dying to go home just thinking about the smell in the resturant makes me feel sick there was even wild birds flying about in the resturant and you even saw the odd cat. I would go back to Bulgaria but definatly not Albena the resort is nice but very boring nothing to do. We went on an excursion to Sunny Beach and this resort look great. All the pavements in Bulgaria are accidents waiting to happen I couldn't let my daughter run about incase she fell and broke something the slabs are all uneven it was amazing that her buggy was in one piece when we got home. I would say don't waste your money going to Vita Park book into a British Hotel leave this one to the Germans and there Veal. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Steve Greig! | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Our holiday at Vita Park in Albena was great! The hotel consists mainly of Germans but there was a fair share of British people. the food was o.k but not brilliant. The location was brilliant with a small market where you can do all of your shopping and the beach is about a 10 minute walk. But there is no need to walk, as their is a free shuttle bus that came every half an hour right outside the hotel, and a very cheap road train also stopped outside the hotel very reguarly until midnight everyday which takes you all round Albena but with many stops around Albena! The pool is very good especially for the kids, as there are 2 quite small slides but are great for adults ([+]view more) too. The hotel also has great sports facilities with an astro turf football cort, sand volleyball court, table tennis table, pool table and even a shooting range! Their is some type of food available nearly all day and drinks available all day. The reception is quite helpful and is open 24 hours. It's sister hotel called the Ralitsa very good and people from Vita Park can use all of the facilities in that hotel aswell. Their is good entertainment nearlly every night at both hotels which is free to watch. The hotel is definetely worth it's 3 stars and in my opinion is well worth of 4 stars! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No lynne faller | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful we stayed at the vita park hotel august2002, although the hotel caters mainly for the german and middle europeans the atmosphere was very friendly. the complex was very clean, food not too bad , some days better than others, would recommend it as a place to take the children, not far from albena beach, about a ten minute walk, plenty to do at the night always some form of very good entertainment Was this review helpful to you? Yes No