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Golden sands, Bulgaria

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Hazlett Lynch | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful I took a group of 18 adults to Golden Sands last May, and stayed at Hotel Shipka. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience at Shipka - the food was very good - a bit on the cold side for the UK palate, but there was plenty of it, good variety, and pleasantly presented. Staff were brilliant, hotel rooms excellent, scrupulously clean, generous lobby.

The prostitutes who worked outside Shipka and along the street were plentiful, and not appreciated.

Resort was excellent for elderly people - flat, convenient and plenty of seats.

I am bringing another group to Shipka on 28th May for two weeks, and we are looking forward to it immensely.
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Mal, 21 | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful I was on holiday 26th August until 9th September last year.
Thoroughly enjoyed it! I was ill twice off the local beer but who isn't? Food was basic and mostly cold. I stayed on the pizza from over the road and the ice cream. The food does need to take the Brits into consideration in the near future if it plans to get into the EU because the food was poor.
The Chinese restaurant was very welcoming and friendly as was the Havana Steak House. Both do exceptional meals!! Try them out if you havent done so already.
Weather was brilliant, about 32-36 degrees every day and came back home with a brilliant tan, (start on Factor 10-15 then work down to Factor 8 or 2). ([+]view more)
We (me an my Fiancee) were on the 4th floor and when the lifts weren't working (every day) we had to hike up the stairs. Gets pretty tiring after the seventh day, especially if we had been for a walk or a look at the stalls along the beach-front for the day.
Indoor pool was always cold, only went in it twice all holiday. Outdoor pool always full of big German men and my Fiancee was a little suspicious of them so we didnt go in there.
One thing that got on my nerves were the girls handing out leaflets for Bonkers, Muppet Bar, Papaya, Roxy, etc, etc, etc. Why dont they just go and sunbathe instead of harassing us?!?!?
I also didnt like the way the prostitutes emerged from the darkness onto the main street from 9pm onwards, very seedy!!! This has got to change for the EU!!!
And if you go out of the Golden Sands resort be prepared for one hell of a ride in a taxi!! I dont think they have horns and they very rarely use their brakes at breakneck speeds. We nearly plouged into an oncoming bus at 70 miles per hour when overtaking a truck and usually the driver would slow down and go back behind the truck in front. Well not in Bulgaria, the taxi driver raced the bus to get past this truck and just made it. We were sh*tting ourselves and my Fiancee's nails were digging in my hand so hard she left marks there for three days!!
The Shipka's rooms were brilliant, very neat and tidy and the maids were extremely creative with their towel folding (ie fish, swan, fans, t-shirt and shorts, etc) The rooms were the best that I have stayed in in my three trips to Bulgaria. Very neat and tidy and extremely welcoming.
The hotel itself was reasonable with reasonable space in the lobby but squashed in the breakfast room. Some mebers of reception always wore a smile, others didnt and even the exchange lady was crying on the phone to someone when we went to change some money.
But something must have gone right when we were there because we have booked up at the Shipka again for this year (2006), going in mid June so hopefully see some of you there then.
All the Best, Malcolm and Caroline from Newcastle upon Tyne
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joanne | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful me and a friend visisted the resort in july for 2 weeks and we found the hotel to be in and ideal location, all the staff were friendly and the hotel was very clean we are planning to visit the same hotel next year. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No J Kay | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful The entrance to the hotel is attractive, clean and welcoming. The rooms are basic but comfortable. The restaurant - well, that's where the real trouble starts! The staff are very unfriendly and rarely smile. Their customer service skills are almost non-existent. The boy at the door who takes your room number was the only person to smile, talk to us or be polite. The head waiter and waitress regularly shouted at other members of staff and ticked them off in front of guests. The young girls were poorly trained, lazy and not up to the job in a hotel that claims to be 4 star. They dropped plates, mugs and cutlery on the floor every single mealtime. They regularly snatched ([+]view more) dishes before you had finished eating. Sometimes they left the dishes from the entire meal on the table till you left the restaurant. The food was awful. It was stodgy, lukewarm and obviously prepared for German palates, not British. I had serious food poisoning twice and my wife had it once. On the second occasion I didn't eat for three days. After that we decided to eat out and only took coffee and rolls for breakfast. The resort is very poorly run. Everywhere you went there were young girls offering tickets for free drinks at bars and discos. Walking 100 yards from the hotel you would be stopped at least 15 times and asked to go to the Muppet Club or Papaya (a sleazy sex joint for women) which really embarrassed us, considering we were obviously a married couple! The street outside the Shipka is riddled with prostitutes plying their trade and selling their wares which were as tacky as the rest of the merchandise on offer in Golden Sands! Safety on the beach was terrible. Jet skis and paragliders mingled amongst children and adult swimmers, endangering their lives. No Health and Safety legislation here, which does not augur well if Bulgaria is serious about joining the EU in 2007. The prices for watersports were excessive in relation to the cost of other things in Bulgaria and on a par with decent resorts in Spain or the Canary Islands. The whole resort had an air of desperation about it as the locals constantly pestered you to part with your hard earned currency. They were rude, aggressive and just absolutely nasty when you ignored them or refused to enter their establishments. Bulgaria has a lot to learn if it wants to attract British visitors. If things do change then I may consider a return trip around 2099!
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Paula and Darren | 2 out of 2 found this review helpful We went at the end of July we thought the accomadation was excellent, very clean, good pools and facilities, staff very freindly the only downside at the hotel was that the food was very basic other than that we had a great time and we have booked the same hotel at the same time next year. We would recommend it for couples and families. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Theresa Smith | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful I spent this week at this hotel & found the whole week to be completely satisfactory. I came with a friend & will be returning next year with my children. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Tony Hall | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Visited Setember 2003 for 2 weeks. Hotel was great. Clean, good food excellant swimming pools and very friendly staff. It could get a bit noisy at night if on the front but a great location for what ever you want be it restraunts, clubs or quiet bars. We were unlucky with the weather so the indoor pool was a major bonus. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Michaela | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful The hotel was brilliant! Fab room. nice pool nice bar staff and very clean! MINT holiday! Michaela (14) Was this review helpful to you? Yes No