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in Bulgarian: Синеморец, also known as: Sinemoretc, Sinemorez Get directions

Sinemorec is a village type resort situated at the very south part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, where Valeka River empties into the sea, close to the border with Turkey.

Sinemorec is the most southern Bulgarian resort. The nearest resort to the north is Ahtopol – 5 km away and Bourgas, the nearest airport, is 85 km away.

Globalization has not affected the village yet and it is very calm, a mix of virgin nature and quietness. There are no big hotels and nightclubs in Sinemorec, which is why it attracts people who are looking for solitary beaches and peaceful atmosphere.

Because the place was not rediscovered until recently, the nature is perfectly preserved with crystal clear water, thick forests and mild sand. Until 1989 the village was a restricted area due to the proximity to the Turkish border. After the fall of communism, the resort has started to gain popularity especially among the wealthier people from Bulgaria, who is looking to build houses in the yet not globalised area with untouched nature.

The settlement dates back from ancient times, there are the remains of a Thracian fortress and ceramic fragments from V-IV century BC. The village got its name, Sinemorec in 1930, literary translated from the Greek “galaza” meaning sky-blue.

The mouth of Valeka River is situated north from the village. It is the only firth in Bulgaria and forms extremely beautiful sandy hair at the point of infusion of the river; this is the north beach of Sinemorec and it is called “The Hair”. The south beach of Sinemorec is on the other side of the mouth of Valeka River and is characterized by different beautiful rocky formations. The most famous are “The Cave of the Pigeons”, “Sizif’s Rock” and the “Separated Crag”.

South of Sinemorec is the protected Silistar area. Silistar is a coastal humid area with typical and preserved Longoz forest, a home of many rare and protected birds.




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  • S
    By S. Moorcroft||

    I spent three wonderful weeks at a lovely little hotel , the hosts were very helpful, helped arranged trips as well as making me feel comfortable and relaxed during the stay.??I HIGHLY recommend visiting Sinemorec.

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  • V
    By victoria||

    Sinemorec is a very beautiful area of bulgaria. I really recomen d you to go there if you dont want the bigger resorts like sunny beach and albena...This is a very good choise

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  • J
    By Jorjihinio from Bul||

    Sinemorec (or Sinemoretz) may well become the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the near future. It simply has the best 3 beaches from the whole bulgarian coast- Butamyata, Lipite and Silistar just phenomenal... especially Lipite and Silistar. Exeptional nature, pure sea, great place for resting. It may not look something special when your foot steps there there but you'll change your mind the moment you spend few days there.

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  • D
    By dirk||

    sinemorec rulezzzz it's the place to be!!!!

    be there, You won't regret

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  • M
    By M. Kokemor||

    I spend only a few days in Sinemorec but I feel relaxed, because there are a lot of activities, you can do diving, climbing, kajak-drive, swimming, walking etc.
    For me it is clear I cam back soon.

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