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Shabla is located in close proximity to the town of Kavarna, 83 km northeast of Varna and 24 km from the border between Bulgaria and Romania. The town is a developing sea resort with clean beach pleasant for relaxation and hot mineral springs. It is also famous for its first petroleum deposit, found in our country.

Cape Shabla is the easternmost geographic point of Bulgaria. The oldest sea lighthouse on the Balkan Peninsula rises at it.

The admirers of underwater tourism will be curious to know that in the sea around Shabla there are multiple sunken marine vessels, including submarines from the Second World War.

Two protected territories are located in the region of Shabla: The Shabla lake Liman, which is situated near the very sea shore, is a wonderful place for tourists and admirers of fishing.

The Shabla Tuzla is located in close proximity to the lake. It is a lake lagoon, which bottom is covered in hydrogen sulphide ooze, used for mud treatment.

The resort offers excellent conditions for rural, ecologic, medicinal, cultural and hunting tourism. It offers hotels, villas, apartments and holiday stations.




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    By ahmet alp||

    Shabla for me friendship,loneliness,i can't forget...
    Ms.Dora & Miroslav and her all family thanks for all...

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