St. Elena Hotel 4* stars

St.St.Const.Elena, Bulgaria      Map on the map


St. Elena Hotel St.St.Const.Elena - General view photo
St. Elena Hotel


  • GPS 43.23319, 28.007841
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Judith Smith | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Just returned August 06. Only booked here as the Koral was full. Breakfast must have gone downhill over the last year or so as it was HORRIBLE. The worst i've had abroad ever. (and I've been in some very dodgy places in my time). Soggy 2 inch thick 'fried' bread (tasted like a mouldy washing up cloth), hard boiled eggs, fried pepperoni sausage cut into inch long pieces, and one day the peaches had mould spores 1CM LONG on the skins. I shudder to think of it. We had a 'family' room/apartment. It took 2 days to get the 2nd bed we asked for in the kids room as they are ([+]view more) a girl of 14 and a boy of 12 so would not sleep near each other. The best thing about this hotel is the basement fitness suites with the indoor pool! Would not go back again. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No bill conroy | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Lovely hotel, staff were very helpful, pool was very nice, restaraunt staff were not, 24 hour bar, 50p a 1/2 litre for beer, had a family room which was massive, seperate room for the adults. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No david carswell | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful We were relocated to this hotel because of building work in golden sands. Our flight was also redirected to Bourgas, which meant, after a two hour transfer, we arrived at 0200 hrs on 26/04/04, and caught the hotel staff on the hop to accomodate six of us. But, despite this, and our arrival in the small hours of the morning, the staff on duty rushed around help us. we a wonderful two week holiday in this hotel. We found the staff very helpful and pleasant, and the food was great! We have two infants, who the staff and lovely local people spoilt rotten! We can't wait to ([+]view more) return to the area of st. constantine, hopefully the same hotel and have started looking for flights already! A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE STAFF AT ST.ELENA from dave, val, luke, josh, sam, and natalie. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Rev.Dr.Steve Bull | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful We were relocated to this hotel because of building work in golden sands at one weeks notice. Our flight was delayed 4.5 hours from manchester. never mind !!
Our two week stay in this hotel had its share of ups and downs. Lovely modern clean hotel, some exposed wiring in the bathroom and lack of lighting on our floor for the full two weeks despite many polite requests as to why was greeted with " this is Bulgarian night lighting!" Okay so pitch black in places with many hazards for people with limited vision is apparantly acceptable. Then their was the indoor swimming ([+]view more) pool, lovely pool, nice and warm only don't let your child in it if you do not want the hotel owners demanding "mafioso" style 234 levs for the repair of one of the light fittings in the pool which slashed our friends grandsons foot so badly in two places that we had to call a doctor out. They blamed him for breaking it when we had camcorder evidence and witnesses to prove it was a faulty fitting. The poor lad and his grandparents were confined to their room for two days looking after him as the doctor said he was not to walk on it, and the hotel would not even give them a meal in their room for the two nights, they told them they would have to buy them from their restaurant and carry them up. We had no outdoor pool for 9 days and when they finally did fill it they wanted to charge us all to swim in it and for the sunbeds, brollies etc. Oh i could go on and on. However on a more positive note the food at breakfast was first class, Bulgaria and her people were 99% wonderful. We are on our way back but not to this hotel !! Many of the problems we had were handled appallingly by the Balkan reps who seemed to be representing the hotel and not the holiday makers. This was our first holiday for seven years and Balkan really let us down.
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ian bodimeade | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful my family stayed at this hotel form the 8th of may 2004. and we all very happy with the accomadation and the staff and would have no worries about returning there was 7 grown upos and my grandson and we all had a wonderful time the only complaint would be there was no food served in the hotel for people with bed and breakfast the food in the bbq bar was not as good as i would have hoped but we all had a good time thanks to all that work there ian Was this review helpful to you? Yes No