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Shipka Hotel

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Location: Shipka Hotel is located in the northern part of Sunny Beach resort, close to Victoria Palace Hotel on the waterfront next to the beach and about 2 km. from the center.

Description: There are main restaurant, lobby bar, restaurant, garden with barbecue, swimming pool, mini golf in a park, cocktail bar on the beach, conference hall, table tennis and more. For the convenience of the guests Shipka hotel has a currency exchange desk, non-stop mini market and free parking for guests.

Accommodation: The hotel consists of two thirteen storey buildings and has 143 double rooms all with sea view, 6 studios and two apartments. All rooms are equipped with mini bar, TV. Some three-star rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

Sports and Entertainment: Pool, mini golf park, a cocktail bar on the beach, room for table tennis, restaurant, lobby bar, restaurant, garden with barbecue.




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  • J
    By jean from sheffield||

    we stopd at hotel shipka we thought it was a shit hole we got moved and we enjoyed our holiday we would not recomend hotel shipka they realy should change the name the resort is Ideal for young familys

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  • H
    By Hellen||

    Having stayed at many 3 star hotels in the past i knew when booking to go to the Shipka that there wouldnt be much difference to any previous 3 star hotels i have stayed in.. I was rong!!
    I am not a picky person and i always say to myself "you get what you pay for", not in this case.. i wouldn't of stayed in this hotel for free if i knew what it was like before arrival
    On arrival i could see that the hotel actually looked like a rotten high rise building.. NOTHING like it did in the brochure! As me and my husband entered the hotel the smell was discusting and straight away i demanded to see a REP!
    As we were taken to our rooms by the receptionists the hallyways to the room took us by suprise in a not so good way. the carpets were filthy and at one point we saw a decayed cockroach!
    They say you leave best till last. Well on entering the room i took one look at the filthy bed sheets that had been burnt by what looked like fags and saw the state of the carpets, bathroom etc i refused to stay in this hotel and walked out of the room in tears.
    The receptionists seemed to be very understanding of the matter and contacted the local REP to come and speak to me about a change! Once the rep arrived he told me he could move me and my husband to the hotel Hrizantema for a small charge of £140 per person. which i accepted
    on arrival of the hrizantema we were taken by suprise. surely this hotel wasnt a 3 star? but it was! and it was FANTASTIC!!
    I do not want you to be dreading your holiday to the Shipka. But please do be aware of what i have said. and if you are planning on booking for the hotel Shipka.. take my advice and DONT!

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  • B
    By bubblehead||

    Has a fantastic beach location but only from some rooms. Rooms were clean as we were in 3 star  which have been upgraded but are still pretty basic. Buffet breakfast is continental in style so do not go if you expect a full English breakfast every day.

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  • B
    By beryl marr||

    i had very recent two week stay in hotel shipka, dirty, filthy, damp, dangerous balcony's, unfit food, to name but a few. my husband and i walked to my sons apart every day to shower and eat. i couldn't have eaten in that ses pit if my life depended on it.

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  • M
    By mary, dublin||

    im just back from this hotel. i found it lovely all the staff were v.helpful. the disco is great everything is close, great location the only thing is the food but who cares not many ppl are going to lik bulgarian food theres plenty of restaurants around the resort its a great hotel im planning on booking it next year

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