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Orhideya Hotel

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    By Evgenia||

    The hotel is reminiscent of Soviet camp, on the 1 st floor smelled moldy, the last roof leaks. The balconies of the first floor steal towels bought from them in the market, I see again sold))) Eating a lot of species, but day after day, bored one menu. From the sea far away from children, a high ladder. The child had a temperature of 39.9, went to the doctor from the ambulance, so he said, bring the child to the hospital! The child could not even sit! The sea is good, but I would have gone only 1-th line. In general, tedious. Youth is better to go in Golden Sands.

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    By Mihaela Cristea||

    i was at orhideya hotels two times this summer and everything was just fine. food is ok, entertainment also ok, it is a clean and nice hotel. the pool is nice and the people friendly. i will be back next yer for sure.

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    By elaine massey||

    Not for English this is a German hotel went 07/05/05 - 21/05/05.
    Don't go in the pool no chlorine hence my visit to hospital there. Dirty and a cockroach in x ray room. Thank god for N H S. Spent a week in hospital on my return. No English entertainment as German hotel. We were transfered from Ratlisa equally bad. food poisoning prostitutes outside hotel and some come inside to male toilets and accost your husbands. Very dodgy. Worst holiday ever.

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    By Cedric||

    This hotel sucks. Please contact me for more info...

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