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Lilia Hotel

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    By N & E Gillanders||

    Accommodation on Arrival seems to be the only way they can get people to stay here. My husband and I arrived on 29th July 2006 for 2 weeks and were so disappointed that I sat on my bed and cried 2 days later begging to go home! If you knew where they were sending you, you would not have gone (on checking hotel reviews). The breakfast was always set out for 2 hours where flies and wasps landed on it and the 'hot' parts ie. sausages, fried eggs,scrambled eggs, were more often cold than warm. tea and coffee were luke warm and undrinkable.
    The final straw was they asked us to pay every day to sit/swim at the pool, which was a glorified tub with chairs set around it. Most of the guests refused to pay! Good for them. We went next door to a much nicer pool.
    And yes, there was a rape on the lower floor the first week we stayed there.
    Our Rep promised to 'get our bathroom cleaned up' but it never happened.
    Don't go to Bulgaria unless you are booked into 4 star minimum. The most annoying thing is that people staying in 4 star paid the same as we paid for the crap we had paid for.

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    By Lisa from Durham||

    Please do not book allocation on arrival or you might end up here - we did for our honeymoon! We arrived at the hotel and it looks nothing like it does in the picture above it is a run down darn dingy place looks very dated. We got inside were given our key and found out where we were going we arrived at our dorr which was made of chip board (very secure and safe!) we walked in and the room was tiny it smelt there was no air con no fans nothing it was smelt damp. the bathroom consists of a toilet shower and basin, the basin had a hugh crack in it the shower was hanging off the wall and whenever ou did use the shower you were showering with the toilet, the water did not drain away properly so the toilet brush ended up floating nopt very hygenic at all. The cleaners did not clean the room so it was scummy and dirty, myself and my husband got bitten all over, had to go to the doctors when i got home and im now taking tablets and cream for them, doctor also infomed me they were bed bugs or fleas that had bitten me. the roof was crumbling and birds were nesting in it. It had a swimming pool but the sort you would get from argos the woodedn type and assemble yourself, its was green and slimy, nto the colour it should be, and you also had to pay each time you wanted to use it. the breakfast was disgusting it was cold stale hard and hard flies all over it. 1 man sat on his toilet and the sink fell off and gashed his leg open, we arrived on the Monday night and a girl of 19 or 20 was raped there on the Wednesday night, a bulgarien man broke into her room, the hotel did not warn people staying here of this which in my opinion they should have. A loud buzzer went off everynight for about 20 mins thought it was the fire alarm but not, it was very noisy didnt stop till 6 or 7 in the morning so we got hardly any sleep whilst there. i had never been so glad to go home in all my life. My honey moon was ruined because of this hotel. As i said the cleaners did not clean your room and we even ran out of toilet roll!

    please do not go to this hotel for your own safety, and certainly not allocation on arrival i know we weill never go allocation on arrival again.

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  • J
    By John McWilliams||

    Very clean and staff was friendly. This hotel should likely be rated 3-4 instead of 2.  Wonderful old town surrounds the hotel with shopping, entertainment, and a variety of food establishments within walking distance.  Hotel faces the beach.  The rooms are spacious and views spectacular.  You can rent a bike for two and peddle around the town or dance late into the night

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    By Tara||

    Hotel Lilia is a dump. We had allocation on arrival, we were told it was to be hotel from the book, but instead we were placed in the Lilia. If it was in the book, no one would ever book to go there. It definatly is not a 2 star and i wouldn't even rate it a 1 star. The hotel is dirty. The maid never once came in our room to clean. The doors are rotten and falling to bits. You get dirty feet after walking on the carpets. The staff are unfriendly and unhelpful. The children of the staff were throwing stones at the windows of the rooms. The noise from outside continues to about 6am. The food is terrible, i didn't touch any of it. Some people had ants under the mattresses. I got several bites on my legs in the first couple of days. On day 3 we were moved to a 3 star hotel, it cost £100 each. I know of 6 other couples who moved for the same reasons as us. There were also many who stayed because they could not afford to move. I stayed in the Lilia from the 11th aug to the 14th. It was the worst hotel i ever stayed in, and definatly not worth the money you pay for your holiday. I have stayed in Bulgaria before, so i have a good idea of what you get for your money, and the standard. And the Lilia has no standards at all. When you move hotel, the staff search your room before you can go to make sure you have not stolen of broken anything. There is nothing to steal or break!

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  • T
    By T.BAUMBER||

    This "hotel" (hostel, would be more accurate) is supposed to be 2-star rated. I don't know who does the rating, as it would struggle to get one star in most holiday brochures.
    It is scruffy, rundown and badly maintained.
    We arrived on 31-08-05 and left the next day. (as did 17 other families).
    The Rep (who was so laid-back that he didn't seem to give a damn) was bombarded with complaints from all directions. He finally came up with an upgraded hotel (which cost us a further £93 per person).

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