Kaliakra Hotel 3* stars

Albena, Bulgaria      Map on the map


Kaliakra Hotel Albena - General view photo
Kaliakra Hotel


  • GPS 43.371092, 28.08555
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Adrian | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Nice hotel and soroundings, nasty people at the reception. As a patron (i.e. guest) of the place I was expected to comply with all sort of ad-hoc rules reception seemed happy with. For example, they wanted me to pay the bill (full!!) 2 days in advance of check-out; sort of Place Pigalle. They also sent me to the wrong address when I asked for the local bank.

Strange people with no feeling whatsoever of customer service.


PS: don't ask the reception for a weather report; they will tell you funny things.
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