Hotel in Golden sands, Bulgaria

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Havana Hotel

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  • A
    By adina07||

    the rooms were great, and in general was a really nice hotel. the food wasn't amazing and not all the receptionists were nice but i'd reccommend it if your on a budget vut still want to stay in a nice hotel.

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  • T
    By tunc||

    everything is good in this hotel

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  • B
    By ben||

    i was there in september 2007 with 3 friends. first we were a little dissapointed because havana hotel is far a way from a 4 star hotel. the casino is nice and the rooms are standard beds are not so comfortable. the food is good. the hotel is also situated in the last raw of hotels. and far from the sea (at least 10 minute walk). i think that this hotel is for people that just want some place to sleep and eat breakfast in low cost. personally i reccomand other hotels.

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