Hotel in Albena, Bulgaria

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Dobrudza Hotel

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  • C
    By christine reddall||

    My family and I have been holidaying in Bulgaria for the past 12 years. We love the country and Albena is our favourite resort. We have stayed at this hotel on numerous occasions and have seen the general running of it gradually deteriorate. The rooms in particular are shabby, dark and desparately in need of upgrading, and the reception staff are unfriendly and unhelpful. We brought our friends over from St Constantine to look at the Dobrudza for future holidays. We were shown a dark dismal room that they immediately felt was not up to 4* standard. They said that they would not like to stay there. However, we did decide to dine in the beautiful panaramic restaurant. Unfortunately, despite beeing told that it was air conditioned, we found it unbearably warm and had to leave the room. The toilets were suffocatingly hot. The only part that remains of excellent quality is the baneological centre where their health treatments are superb. We feel very sad to say this but for a 4* hotel, the Dobrudza seriously lets down the beautiful resort of Albena. We are returning with our family in July 2004 and are currently considering other hotels in the resort, despite them being of lower star rating.

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  • K
    By kitty||

    i went this beautiful place about 12 years ago, and i spent a great times in here. if i had a chance to visit here, i would come back again.

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  • D
    By Dimitrije||

    Beside all, the hotel is great, pool and SPA stuff are not very friendly, but everything else is on the top. Especialy I liked the Night club.

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