Bor Hotel 3* stars

St.St.Const.Elena, Bulgaria      Map on the map


Bor Hotel St.St.Const.Elena - General view photo
Bor Hotel


  • GPS 43.228394, 28.012401
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John Lawson | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful We stayed at Hotel Bor for 2 weeks in August 2003, and I'm very surprised to read Ms O'Dwyer's comments. The room was not luxurious but it was kept very clean. Breakfast wasn't great, but since we didn't get up until late we didn't feel we could object to the food being cold. The staff were pleasant and friendly, it was close to the beach and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Obviously everyone wants different things from a holiday, but we made some good friends at the Bor; we've now bought a house in Bulgaria so we have no need to stay in a hotel again, but I have no ([+]view more) doubt that we will continue to visit the Bor whenever we are in Bulgaria. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Veronica O'Dwyer | 1 out of 1 found this review helpful It was supposed to have been a 3* hotel with sea views, but all we could see was trees. There was no pool and we had to pay to use the neighbouring hotel pool. We also had to pay for sun loungers on the local beach which was not much more than a cove.
We were booked in on a B&B but the breakfasts were cold, congealed and covered in flies.  We lived on toast all week and came home several pounds lighter - in every sense of the word.
I spent my first day there sitting in the foyer of another hotel as hotel BOR did not hold welcome meetings - no room. ([+]view more) We along with several other couples were trying to get moved to another hotel. We were told there was no space left in any of the hotels, until I mentioned I would pay - then suddenly they could move myself and my husband if we wished to pay £360.00 each for a 4* hotel 700m from the sea.  Which in truth did not look a lot better. We were told that 3* hotels are of a poorer quality in Bulgaria - which I believed until wandering into the surrounding 3* hotel run by Thompson's. Which were what you expect from a 3* hotel.
Our list of complaints started simply enough, we had a TV but not batteries in the remote or Aerial connection - which we got after complaining to the Rep for several days. We had a bucket of dirty water under the sink in the shower room (no bath) and could not figure out why? The explanation came soon enough - NO WATER at peak times during the day, the bucket was to be used to flush the toilet. We tried to ring reception to complain but the phone did not work either. After going down to reception we were told it effects the whole area. That was bad enough until we came out of our hotel to see the sprinklers working a the 5* next door to us. This happened on 4 days we were there out of 7. The TV satellite when down for 48hrs and came back on to a picture covered in snow. The bed lining was either ripped or dirty and the pillows were the consistency of wet concrete and smelt of disinfectant. Electrical sockets were held in with crisp packets and walls and ceiling covered in dead insects. We left a complaint form with the Rep on our day of leaving (along with several others) we left an addressed envelop for a reply from Mr. Craig Masters.......still waiting!
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