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in Bulgarian: Емона, also known as: Get directions

Cape Emine is the easternmost point of the Balkan Mountain and is considered a conditional boundary between the Northern and Southern Black Sea coast. It is situated 79 kilometres south of Varna, 54 kilometres north of Bourgas and only 14 kilometres south of Obzor.

Cape Emine was declared a natural landmark of 19 April 1976. The natural landmark Cape Emine covers 50 hectares and was declared a landmark in order to preserve remarkable geological and botanical sites.

The cape is a vertical, almost 60 meters high cliff. There are hundreds of underwater and above water cliffs over 250 meters from the cape. Therefore, the coast is very dangerous for shipping, and sailors avoid it. There’s a lighthouse at the cape, directing vessels to the Burgas bay.

There are remains of a medieval monastery and remains of the fortress Emona in the area of cape Emine. The village of Emona is also located in the vicinity.

The European pedestrian road E-3 ends at cape Emine. The road in its Bulgarian part is from Kom to Emine. The protected area Irakli is located north of the cape.

The beach between the resort of Irakli and cape Emine is one of the most beautiful ones and is preferred by nature lovers and nudists.




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    By TheCatcher IntheRye||

    Emona is what you know from The Beach, without the harm. You have to be prepared to get back to who you were before technology and the substantial became significant in your life. Modern hippies, surfers, nudies, scarce water, wildlife, a chapel (!), few occasions to spend money - local color preserved and enriched by fascinating newcomers. No problem with accommodation or trading supplies. Easy... when you get there ;)

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    By erwin||

    i am from holland i like bulgaria i was there 2 weeks and 3 weeks nice people from the camping emona

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