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in Bulgarian: Дуранкулак, also known as: Durankulak Get directions

The village of Durankulak is the northernmost Bulgarian Black Sea coast settlement, situated 18 km north of the town of Shabla at a distance of 6 km from the border of the country with Republic of Romania.

The Durankulak Lake lies to the southwest of the village. It is one of the most important and best preserved ecosystems in Bulgaria, with international importance for the protection of multiple rare and endangered plant and animal species. The lake is located on the migration route Via Pontica, and it provides a suitable place for nesting and wintering of multiple species of migratory birds.

The lake is detached from the sea by a thin sand line, and the two islands are located in its western part.

Exceptionally rich and interesting archaeological finds have been made on the western shore of the lake and on the Large Island. During archaeological excavations at the settlement mound the Large Island in the Durankulak Lake a unique archaeological site had been found, containing evidence of human presence dating back to the late Neolith (the second half of the 6th millennium BC), a settlement dating back to the late stone and copper age, the late bronze and the beginning of the early iron age.

After a particular termination, during the second half of the 9th century, a Bulgarian settlement was established on the Large Island. This is the largest archaeological site in Dobrudzha, in which almost without any interruption, the entire prehistory and a large part of the ancient and early medieval history of this part of Bulgaria is presented.




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    I have a house in Durankulak and would like to tell you about this great place. The people are extremely friendly and welcoming and you are just 55 miles from Varna Apt. The whole place sits on a area of protected presrvation which limits too much coastal building. The real gem is a secluded beach down a currently old road, but is only known to the locals. It is all sand, sitting next to a restaurant and even more amazing clear blue waters. A wonderful place to visit and no regrets whatsoever. Have a look.

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