Topola reviews

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    By Linda Newton||

    We now have a house on the second line of the cliff overlooking the sea. The golf courses are nearly finished and we look forwad to spending a few weeks this year in lovely Topola.

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    By Wole Akinyeye||

    I was in Topola on an excursion in Topola with some of my friends very long time ago(1978), But I still rememember the beauty of the environment and especially the Oplenac...

    I would still love to visit Topola again.

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    By sachi||

    We have been to this village recently. We were told that Gary Player's Golf course is due to open in a form of resort in the next 2 years. We noticed that work for the Golf Course has already begun. The area looks fantastic with great sea view from the cliff.

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    By danata||

    I have the rare pleasure to have visited the great ancient village of Topola. This exquisite spot on the virgin coast line of Black Sea has so powerful charm of its own so that when I passed by car I felt it immediately. Eversince I have the strong inner urge to visit it at least once a year, so that my strenghts-mental and phisical are renewed and turned virtuous.

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