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  • M
    By M. Kokemor||

    I spend only a few days in Sinemorec but I feel relaxed, because there are a lot of activities, you can do diving, climbing, kajak-drive, swimming, walking etc.
    For me it is clear I cam back soon.

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  • J
    By Jorjihinio from Bul||

    Sinemorec (or Sinemoretz) may well become the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the near future. It simply has the best 3 beaches from the whole bulgarian coast- Butamyata, Lipite and Silistar just phenomenal... especially Lipite and Silistar. Exeptional nature, pure sea, great place for resting. It may not look something special when your foot steps there there but you'll change your mind the moment you spend few days there.

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  • Y
    By youriwladimirov||

    Sinemorec is a wonderfull little town which wasn't allowed to the common Bulgarians. It has been been kept a secret for many years. After the communism it wasn't a secret any more.
    The day I first came tot Sinemorec it was a wonderfull quiet and clean little town. Now even Tui is building a hotel there with more then 200 rooms.
    Sinemorec can become a big city, a metropol! BUT NOT AT ALL COSTS!!!!!! BULGARI YUNATSI!

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  • D
    By dirk||

    sinemorec rulezzzz it's the place to be!!!!

    be there, You won't regret

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  • V
    By victoria||

    Sinemorec is a very beautiful area of bulgaria. I really recomen d you to go there if you dont want the bigger resorts like sunny beach and albena...This is a very good choise

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  • S
    By S. Moorcroft||

    I spent three wonderful weeks at a lovely little hotel , the hosts were very helpful, helped arranged trips as well as making me feel comfortable and relaxed during the stay.??I HIGHLY recommend visiting Sinemorec.

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