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  • B
    By BE||

    It's the last unspoilt beach in Bulgaria. So why let a greedy swiss company or anybody else ruin it? There's too much ugly concrete jungle already and not enough choice for tourists or locals looking for somewhere beautiful to relax.

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  • R
    By R||

    I hope you won't build even more hotels and apartments in the future. They are realy spoiling the beautifull nature you have.
    Why not build some interesting wooden tourist village at sea or a deacent camp. I am sure this would atract more people than a concrete jungle as we have already at home.
    Consider this if you care about your country and its legacy for the future generations.

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  • W
    By wolf||

    Yeah, but it will be only the summer hit if the hotel complex of a Suisse chain won't come.

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  • B
    By Bojin Djinkov||

    In the next few years Irakli will be the summer hit in Bulgaria.

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    By T.J.||

    Cool place!

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