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in Bulgarian: Черноморец, also known as: Tchernomoretc, Chernomoretz, Tchernomoretz Get directions

Chernomorets is a summer resort situated in the southern part of the Black Sea coast, 23 km south of Bourgas and 8 km north of the ancient Sozopol.

It is located on the north cape of the Sozopol Bay, just opposite to the old town and the island of St. John.

The average temperature of the water during the summer is 22 C.

There are 4 beaches in Chernomorets, some of which are more solitude and calm. One of the most attractive spots on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, Gradina camping site, is only 1.5 km away. Gradina is very popular for the younger generations, a famous place for the windsurfing lovers. There are also conditions for other water sports – jet skiing, water jumping and scuba diving.

One of the most remarkable features of Chernomorets is the abundance of flowers and shrubberies installed in almost every corner of the resort.

The landmarks are the Orthodox temple “St. Nikolas” and the “Garden of Eden” located opposite to it.

The settlement is growing fast and offers multiple new hotels, villas and private apartments for rent and guesthouses.

Chernomorets is a very cosy town, with hospitable people; all of the restaurants and pubs are located at the sea coast and offer both traditional Bulgarian cuisine and innovative European dishes.

There is plenty of entertainment offered in the local taverns and nightclubs.




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    By Viacheslav||

    Chernomorets - small (about 1000 inhabitants) settlement not far from airport Burgas (30 km). Most houses are private hotels (from 6 to 30 Euro per one day for one person in July and August). Suitable for inexpensive rest. There are many (about 100) bistro and resorants (dinner - 3-5 Euro). Narrow (5 - 10 m)sandy beach with reed sunshades (1,5 Euro per day), not very good. More attractive beach - 2 km. Car renta  - 21(min) - 35 Euro per day.

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