Gorska feia

Camping in Albena, Bulgaria

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Gorska feia Camping

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    By lajos||

    Ziveam vo Skopje,prv pat bev vo Albena 2004 god i toa vo ,,Gorska feia". Mozam da kazam samo deka pominav super odmor i da se zablagodaram za gostoprimstvoto. Albena e prekrasno turisticko mesto i primer za toa kako treba da se raboti.Se gledame ovaa godina!!!

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  • A
    By Aldo||

    Oh god if ur looking for fun and for a change bored from the standard hotels services nothing else but the Gorska Feia u can have all the fun, fire camp, BBQ, etc... i've been there twice and i will go every summer that's the place where everything is great place, poeple, discos, pubs, sea. In one word Heaven.  

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    By art_sun33||

    Balanced Opnion ? Of course ! :) We had a lot of attractive moments at this Place last year !!! The littele houses called "dacia" where we lived in , are very nice and practically - we dont need something else ... In front of this Camping place , they are really cheep Horse Lessons to ride, if sombody is interested at... !!! we are - so we come back to Albena !

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    By sifo||

    i was there in year 2000 it was a great memories i lived there for 45 days i would like to come back for one more time if i can :) cool place good people :)

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