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in Bulgarian: Бяла, also known as: Biala, Biyala Get directions

The town of Byala is a kind of a borderline between the North and the South Black Sea shore. It is located 53 km south of Varna and about 80 km northeast of Burgas. The town was established in the 3rd century AD.

Presently Byala is prospering owing to the intensive development of vine-growing and wine production. The wonderful wine Dimyat is produced there.

Byala is also a pleasant marine resort. The natural landmarks have determined the development of the town as a center of full value marine tourism.

The shore line of the municipality is characterized by a combination of a rocky shore, small bays, beach lines with sand dunes. The coast is steep and indented, which leads to high limitation of the beach potential, but on the other hands this gives its attractiveness, which is a valuable resort resource.

The vast beach line in combination with the broad-leaved forest, the favourable temperature and the sea water and its cleanliness offer optimal conditions for prophylaxis and recreation along the town coast line.




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    By rockwell||

    I had a change to visit Biala and Obzor last year and let me tell you Bulgaria is an awesome and relatively cheap contry compared to other wester european nations.  If anyone wants to have a peaceful and quiet summer in an amazing scenic balkan setting, I stongly recommend Biala as a tourist destination.  For fun, shopping and other tourist activities, Obzor, located about 5km south of Biala is a welcomed change.  There are several places where you can stay, for minimal cost.  Maybe under $10 a day.  Most of these places are regular houses with guest rooms, etc.

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