in Bulgarian: Ахелой , also known as: Aheloy


Aheloi - location on the map

Aheloi is situated on the motorway Bourgas - Varna, 7 km southwest of Nessebar, near the mouth of the Aheloi River.

The area of the beaches in Aheloi is 56 thousand square meters. Today the coastline near the village is well maintained and provides perfect conditions for a nice summer holiday. Aheloi is a unique mixture of preserved green sites, calm and pleasant sea and long sandy beaches.

The quiet sea breeze has a positive impact on the local climate and it turns the summer holiday on the site, pleasant and relaxing.

Aheloi is famous for its beautiful fruit gardens and vineyards. This small summer paradise offers its guests nice atmosphere for relaxation and recreation.

Transport: The airport of Bourgas is located 23 km from Aheloi. There are high-frequency bus lines connecting Aheloi with Bourgas. Minibuses and taxis run along. Private water transport connecting Bourgas with Nessebar is also available.

Places of Interest: The village of Ravda is situated just a few km away from Aheloi. The picturesque town of Nessebar lies 7 km northeast from Aheloi, as its newly built houses to the north almost merge with the resort. One of the most luxurious resorts along the Bulgarian coast - Sunny Beach - is located next to Nessebar.


  • GPS 42.645975, 27.649686
  • 18 km from Bourgas Airport
  • 107 km from Varna Airport
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