‘Piggyback’ generation joins parents on holiday


Cash-strapped young adults are increasingly going on holiday with their parents, according to research by travelsupermarket.com. The survey of 2,165 adults, undertaken by Opinium on behalf of travelsupermarket.com earlier this month, found 11% of 18-34-year-olds will holiday with their parents to save money this year.It also revealed that 28% of all respondents had previously been on a family holiday where their parents picked up some, or all, of the tab. Comparing the research by age of respondents shows this is a growing trend - just 16% of those now aged over 55 holidayed at their parents’ expense after reaching the age of 18, rising to 26% of 35-54-year-olds and 42% of 18-34-year-olds.And, while 31% of those young adults holidaying with their parents get treated to the odd meal out or a daily excursion, 27% admitted their entire break was funded by their parents.Bob Atkinson, travel expert at travelsupermarket.com, said: ‘We’ve already seen members of the Boomerang Generation return to their family homes for financial reasons, and now we’re seeing a Piggyback Generation take further advantage of their parents’ willingness to spend money on them.’People in Northern Ireland are the likeliest group still to have their holidays paid for by their parents (13%), and more people from this region than any other are planning another break with their parents in the near future (45%).travelsupermarket.com also said the UK offers the best value holidays for 2009, followed by Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Thailand, Iceland, Morocco, Bulgaria, South Africa and Canada.