UK Tourists Visiting Bulgaria Drop by 35%


The number of UK tourists visiting Bulgaria has declined by 35% since the beginning of 2009 compared to the same period of 2008. This was announced Friday by the State Tourism Agency head, Aneliya Krushkova, in Varna, who explained that the number of tourists from Western Europe as a whole has declined. So has the number of tourists from the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Macedonia, etc.) At the same time, Bulgaria's State Tourism Agency has invested BGN 1 M in advertising the Bulgarian tourism in Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. These three countries together with Poland, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania, and Israel are the countries with the largest growth of tourists visiting Bulgaria. Krushkova has noted that a lot of Russians and Brits had bought homes in Bulgaria, and did not come as tourists to the country any more. She stressed that Turkey was the only country in the region that was doing fine in terms of the number of foreign tourists; at the same time countries like Croatia and Cyprus fare worse than Bulgaria.