National Revenue Agency discovers tax evasion in Varna nightclubs


The Bulgarian National Revenue Agency (NRA) has discovered massive discrepancies and widespread and systematic tax evasion among certain bars, discos and nightclubs in Varna, Bulgarian media reported on August 16 2010. When a number of such establishments were probed, it transpired that their daily turnover "suddenly increased" six to 14 times, reports said. A nightclub, unidentified in the report, had declared a 280 leva daily turnover, prior to the check-up, but when investigated, it was unveiled that they made more than 4000 leva in one night. Because of the large scale tax evasion, all clubs, bars and discos have been ordered to relinquish receipts and documentation listing all transactions, orders and supplies over the course of the past three years, while some of the most "prominent" clubs – will have to provide the necessary documentation for the past five years, the report said. Once their accounts are revised, they will be taxed and sanctioned accordingly. Meanwhile, NAR agents said that there were no violations recorded whatsoever during the Spirit of Bourgas 2010 festival over the weekend. It was reported that the festival made about 224 000 leva from tickets sales and about 9000 leva from the sale of T shirts and souvenirs.